Rule of Rose canned down under

Rule of Rose publisher cancels game release for Australian/New Zealand markets following similar move in Europe.


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SYDNEY--The Rule of Rose controversy has spread down under. The horror game had been receiving plenty of bad press in Europe in the last few weeks, culminating in the cancellation of the game's European release by publisher 505 Games late last week. Today, 505's local distributor has confirmed that Rule of Rose's Australian and New Zealand release has been similarly cancelled.

Distributor Red Ant Enterprises told GameSpot AU that it had been informed by 505 that Rule of Rose ''would not be released in Australia or New Zealand at this time." Red Ant had originally scheduled the game to be released locally in February 2007. Red Ant product manager Nichola Bryan said the game had not been submitted to Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) for approval.

Rule of Rose received plenty of bad publicity in Australia over the past weekend, with mainstream newspaper articles carrying quotes from family organisations decrying the game because of its violence. Earlier last week, morning chat show Sunrise featured a panel debating whether the game should be banned.

Violent and sexually explicit games have had a patchy history down under. The OFLC has previously refused classification for games like Reservoir Dogs, Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, and Narc. Games without ratings cannot be sold in Australia.

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i guess people are worried about the alleged "erotic" themes. this game is about as erotic as a piece of paper >_> also,the article said something about it promoting violence. yeah,and silent dosen't promote offensive religious themes,over the top gore,and violence(i am in no way dissing silent hill)? This game is on the strange side,but i consider quite tame compared to other horror titles. This game got decent reviews because of it "atrocious" fighting system,which actually isn't that bad once you get the hang of it.overall,i'm seriously in love with this title,so for you folks in the uk and down under,if it really intrigues you,i suggest importing it.

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yah..i agree..playing rule of rose will make you crazy...rule of rose is not scary at all..but..the disturbing images and weird story may affect your attitude and psychological mind..please monitor your kids..this game is so sadistic..

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Grrrrrr... I love rule of Rose, and this just makes me mad ;(

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Reading all this makes me WANT to have Rule of Rose..!!!!

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People like using Videogames as a scapegoat for their own poor parenting skills. If you don't want your kids to play the game, MONITER what they are doing IN YOUR OWN HOUSE!!! I mean, sure, you can't control what they do OUTSIDE your home but when they are home, which should be more than they are out (we're talking under 18 here) you should be able to know what's going on. It just crazy to me that people think minors will buy this game and play it all without their parents knowing about it!! If that actually does happen, they those "parents" should not have been allowed to have children in the first place because they obviously don't give 2 sh1ts about their children's wellfare.

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I unfortunately saw the 'Sunrise' feature - it wasn't even a freakin' panel, there was NO DEBATE! The stupid little prick thought CHILDREN would be playing this game, he treated videogames like the scum of the earth and thought that kids can pick up any game they want in a store and buy it. Sure many 15 year olds I know are stupid morons, but I highly doubt in Australia they'd actually go looking for RoR. The only people here who are to blame are parents - if they're too stupid and stuck-up to check what their children are playing then ban them... it seems to be the only thing unconstituational Australia can do these days. "IF WE FEAR IT WE BAN IT!! NO QUESTIONS!! F*** THE CONSTITUTION!!"

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I love that all these "good people" are upset about violence and sex.... Id like to point out books are just as violent and sexually explicit, anyone read the "bible" with all the killing and insest. And they find that ok to show minors?

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Its the stupid government i tell ya !!!! Bloody old farts

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This is ludicrous!

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these parenst obviously cant control their own children, so they have to go control everyone else. this game hardly had any violence. dont they make us read books such as lord of the flies in school? i'd say that book had way more violence than rule of rose did. these guys are idiots. where did they come from?

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diablobasher "Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay was also denied a rating in AUS as far as i know. Sad sad day for the aussies, at least i can play Marc Ecko in the UK (As far as i know O_o)" No, that game is plentiful available in Australia, because I live here. It has never been banned.

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Man if this game ain't flying off the shelves in the US, you can't get better advertising than being banned in other countries.

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People like having things to complain about; and miss-representing a video game is an easy thing to do. So a combination of laziness and stupidity results in the "cancellation" of a game.....what a wonderful world we live in.

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This game may not be all that good (read the gamespot review) but with all the publicity they might make a sequel which is better. There is no such thing as bad publicity as the saying goes and I think this game has potential as a series so this could be the best thing to happen to this game.

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No big loss, this game has gotten terrible reviews across the board.

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What's wrong with this game, anyone know?

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Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay was also denied a rating in AUS as far as i know. Sad sad day for the aussies, at least i can play Marc Ecko in the UK (As far as i know O_o)

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well, this sux

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So has anyone actually played the game or is everyone just jumping on the bandwagon and banning this game?

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i totaly agree colsworl, they are just very old and cranky

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They allow horror films and dvd's to be released but not a game that has been completley over-estimated in its 'horror' features. What age are these people? Obviously quite old or just old inside. jeesh.

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I agree! Its not the kids fault if they get their hands on this. The parents should take more of an ACTIVE role governing what their child can or CAN NOT buy.

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I can see rating the game harshly so that minors do not get their hands on it, but adults should have the right to play the game if they so desire. I don't agree with this.