Rubies of Eventide goes live

Cyber Warrior's massively multiplayer online RPG is now live and ready to play. New screens inside.


Cyber Warrior has today announced the commercial release of Rubies of Eventide. The massively multiplayer online role-playing game is set in the fantasy medieval world of Vormis, and it allows players to assume the role of a leshy, gnome, elf, human, dwarf, orc, or ogre. In addition to choosing a race and customizing their appearance, players can select one of around 100 different professions for their character.

Playable in either first- or third-person, Rubies of Eventide features a turn-based combat system of sorts and supports parties of up to 10 players, as well as any pets they might have. Since the game's storyline will essentially be different for every player, there are no plot details available. The only thing that all players will have in common--unless Cyber Warrior decides to implement a choice of starting settlements in the future--is that their life in Vormis will begin in a mining city called Kaj Blood, where they'll remain until other areas become open to them.

For more information on Rubies of Eventide, you might like to check out the game's official site, which, in addition to lots of detailed information on the game, offers a free download of the game itself that can be played for up to 10 days before subscription costs take effect.

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