Rub Rabbits! macking on DSes

Sega's sequel to Feel the Magic now in stores; tactile minigames challenge players to get the girl and fend off rivals.


When the Nintendo DS launched in the US in late 2004, one of the games that showed off the system's multitude of features was Feel the Magic: XY/XX. Though the game's name may have been a bit unusual, its content was even more off the beaten path. In the game, players rubbed, touched, and shouted their way to winning a girl's heart.

The zany action is back with The Rub Rabbits!, the sequel to Feel the Magic, which arrived in stores today. Once again, players engage in minigames with the intent to woo a girl. This time, however, 12 other suitors also have the same girl in mind.

The game's story mode features 35 chapters and plenty of surprises, all displayed in the franchise's stylish presentation. Up to four people can partake in the multiplayer modes, which include the hullabaloo mode, the baby-making mode (which isn't as graphic as it sounds), and the connect mode.

The Rub Rabbits! is rated T for Teen and retails for $29.99. Want to see if you'll click with the game? Read GameSpot's review.

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