RPG Maker 2 update

Agetec will publish this RPG-creation tool early next year.


Publisher Agetec dropped by the GameSpot offices this morning with an update on RPG Maker 2 for the PlayStation 2. Already out in Japan, this game is the sequel to the original RPG Maker for the PlayStation, and it's basically a robust editing tool that will let players design their own turn-based role-playing game from scratch.

Like its predecessor, RPG Maker 2 will let budding game designers create and customize all aspects of their own RPG, from the clothing and dialogue of the characters, to the layout and terrain of the gameworld. Players can choose from an easy setup that involves little more than dragging and dropping select items--like buildings or NPCs--into the world, or a more advanced interface that lets them literally design the game, word by word and brick by brick. Players can even customize the combat system, and choose whether battles are viewed from an isometric perspective or from the first-person. Additionally, RPG Maker 2 will support any USB keyboard, so inputting dialogue for all of your characters won't be as involved or methodical.

Agetec said that the game won't ship this year as was previously believed at E3 but should be ready for prime time around February of 2003. The game will also contain a stand-alone RPG that was created by the Dragon Warrior team using nothing but RPG Maker 2. We'll have more details on RPG Maker 2 as they become available.

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