Round one, week two ProLeague lineups released

The lineups for the second week of ProLeague's first round have been released.


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The round one, week two ProLeague lineups have been released. Of the the matches, perhaps, the most exciting is SK Telecom T1 versus Incredible Miracle taking place on January 7th.

Please refer to the tables below for maps and match ups.

Jin Air Green Wings versus KT Rolster, January 5th

sOsSejong Research CenterTY
RogueStar Station TEFlash
MaruBel'shir Vestige LEStats
AceYeonsu LeAce

CJ Entus versus Samsung Galaxy Khan, January 5th

HyrdaStar Station TEReality
EffOrtFrost LEShine
HerOYeonsu LEStork
SoraSejong Research StationRorO
AceBel'Shir Vestige LEAce

PRIME versus MVP, January 6th

JilaBel'shir Vestige LESniper
CreatorFrost LEKeen
RememberYeonsu LESuper
AceStar Station TEAce

SK Telecom T1 versus Incredible Miracle, January 6th

PartinGBel'Shir VestigeYongHwa
soOFrost LeTrap
SoulkeyYeounsu LESquirtle
AceStar Station TEAce

Jin Air Green Wings versus CJ Entus, January 7th

TerminatorStart Station LEHyrda
MaruFrost LEherO
RogueYeonsu LETrust
sOsSejong Research StationSora
AceBel'Shir VestigeAce

KT Rolster versus Samsung Galaxy Khan, January 7th

FlashYeonsu LEeMotion
StatsSejong Research StationRoro
ZestBel'shir Vestige LESolar
AceFrost LEAce

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