Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Holds Top Spot on UK Chart

Duo of Warner Bros titles follow EA's golf game.


For the second week in a row, EA's Rory McIlroy PGA Tour has taken the top spot on the UK chart, according to sales monitor Chart-Track.

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There was a distinct lack of new releases for the week and, as a result, the top ten is made up of the same titles as the previous week. At No.2 is Lego Jurassic World, followed by Batman: Arkham Knight art No.3.

Codemasters' F1 2015 finishes the week at No.4, followed by Grand Theft Auto 5 at No.5.

The full top ten can be found below:

  1. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour
  2. Lego Jurassic World
  3. Batman: Arkham Knight
  4. F1 2015
  5. Grand Theft Auto V
  6. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  7. Minecraft: Xbox Edition
  8. Minecraft: PlayStation Edition
  9. The Elder Scrolls Online
  10. FIFA 15

In GameSpot's Rory McIlroy PGA Tour review we said the game "fails to pair its solid mechanics with diverse and interesting content."

It continued: "Its myriad technical failings drag the otherwise picturesque courses into the dirt. There are just too few courses and golfers to keep you playing, and even the limited game modes available don't have anywhere near the complexity or depth we've come to expect.

"Whether you want to call it a shank, a duff, or a whiff, all that really matters is that Rory McIlroy PGA Tour is a poor effort from a series that was looking to make a splash in its generational debut."

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Avatar image for burrmanchu

Did the UK not get Tiger? This game is a freaking disaster.. It lacks literally every little thing from Tiger that made it fun and addictive. There's no custom character creator so you never really feel like YOU are playing, there's no swag or cool sponsor menus, there's sh*t for gear.. and literally 90% of it has EA barfed all over it. No watches, nothing cool, The grips/shafts/gear have no stat bonuses... making it all purely cosmetic and there's no point to that because its just all crap promoting EA. You can't choose your celebrations so your guy is constantly doing the freaking robot or some other dumb sh*t even when you get a par. This is just another game in a long line of games that EA took a humongous dump on just to fill their pockets. Absolutely zero effort was made to even make this game fun and playable. I waited for this game for over a year after I heard about it, and was soooooo pumped. yeah. Not anymore. Disgusting. OH! And did I mention there's barely any courses, the game's default simulates 2/3 of the holes on every course unless you change the setting, the menus lag (and just like every other EA sports game lately, there are more menus than actual options IN those menus...), there's no calendar of events or anything whatsoever letting you know what the actual point of playing the tour is.... etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. And with this complete lack of anything impressive, they still managed to stuff in garbage from Battlefield and other completely unrelated EA nonsense just to cram their brand down your throat even more. Unbelievable. What an empty, pathetic, featureless piece of trash.

Avatar image for straightcur

Why people, why????

At least make them work for it. I love golf and golf games, but let's not reward them for making a half-assed, feature stripped POS.

Gamers are their own worst enemies.

Avatar image for burrmanchu

@straightcur: This. I'm actually shocked at how empty and worthless this game is... and knowing it's from EA, that says a lot.

Avatar image for sleepnsurf

Racing and golf is what UK likes. To bad this game is a turd, really needed a good golf game. Powerstar golf for Xbone is the best so far this gen.

Avatar image for hood_honky

UK has very bad taste in games.

Avatar image for neowarrior793

waiting for the "UK having "bad taste" comment.

Avatar image for lrdfancypants

I wonder why minecraft is split between platforms but the other titles are not.

If you put them together like all the other multiplats on the list it would move up the ranking. Strange.

Avatar image for hood_honky

@lrdfancypants: possibly the way each is registered maybe? Good question. It'd prolly have been #1 for years now

Avatar image for Hurvl

@hood_honky: I think some DLC and other stuff is different between the Playstation and Microsoft versions, but other than that I don't know why to separate them.

Avatar image for lrdfancypants


Good chance it would be. Seems odd it's the only one done this way

Avatar image for Hurvl

The UK sure do like their sports games. I play games to do stuff I wouldn't be able to do in real life (without consequences) and playing golf and driving fast cars isn't something anyone can afford, but other than that I don't see the appeal here. That's fine, though, no one needs to like what I like, it's just surprising to me how popular certain games are.

Avatar image for burrmanchu

@Hurvl: That's a matter of taste/opinion. The fact is even people who LOVE golf games (myself included) should avoid this stripped down featureless garbage like the plague. If you've ever played Tiger on any last gen console, this is not even 20% of what that game was, and it's "new gen".

Avatar image for UltimateBastard

@Hurvl: You'd be surprised how many people there are, that only own a console for that yearly release of COD and FIFA

Avatar image for skipper847

How has PGA got top spot. EA them self's bought it to make It top?.

Avatar image for davillain-

Congratulation to the top 10 winners :)

Avatar image for p0tent

You see... it's NOT EA... it's the GAMERS who keep buying their crap!

Avatar image for so_hai

Wow... Release timing can compensate for quality.

Avatar image for i_p_daily

I would like to see an Outlaw Golf 3 instead of this garbage.