ROOT Gaming's Ryan "State" Visbeck will attempt to qualify for WCS KR in 2014.

Currently residing in the fOu house in Korea, the American protoss plans on qualifying for WCS KR's initial season in 2014.


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Following the most lopsided year for non-Koreans in competitive SC2 where every major tournament was won by a Korean player, an unlikely twist will kick off the first season of WCS in 2014 as the American protoss State from ROOT Gaming will take on the hardest competition in SC2 during his stay in Korea; WCS KR.

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Why the move is considred controversial is due to the absolutey cut-throat system Korean Starcraft has always prided itself in. Failiing to qualify for WCS KR means that the players who weren't able to advance to the premier or challenger league will have to wait two months until the next chance to qualify arises. If you then also take in to account the higher level of competition, WCS KR is a truly different beast in comparison to WCS AM/EU.

Visbeck spent several months in Korea when he was signed to Quantic Gaming to prepare for the WCS 2012 world championships.

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