Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion demo now available

Do as the Romans do with a sample of The Creative Assembly's new PC add-on, now available on GameSpot DLX.


The barbarians aren't quite at the gate yet, but they're certainly on their way, if the new 225MB demo of Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion (downloadable from GameSpot DLX) is any indication. With a tutorial and two playable battles, the demo offers gamers a chance to get familiar with some of the expansion pack's new features.

When it releases later this year, Barbarian Invasion will sport a new campaign that takes place centuries after the events of the critically adored Rome: Total War, in addition to 21 new buildings and technologies, more than 100 new units, and new gameplay wrinkles like night battles and troops types with the ability to swim. As Roman dominance crumbles, players can fight to hold it together or take command of the heathen barbarian tribes to speed the demise of the empire.

The impending release of Barbarian Invasion should come as a comfort to PC fans of Total War developer The Creative Assembly. When it was simultaneously announced earlier this year that the company was acquired by Sega and was developing its first game for consoles, the concern was that the real-time strategy developer might be done with PC games entirely.

For more information on Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion, check out GameSpot's impressions from this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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