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ROH's Dalton Castle Believes In His Tag Team Partners For Best In The World, Wants To Squeeze Them

Castle discusses his upcoming match against Shane Taylor Promotions and may be stealing dogs.


Dalton Castle could soon be reunited with the Ring of Honor Six-Man World Championship if he wins against Shane Taylor Promotions at the Best in the World PPV on Sunday, July 11. Castle spoke to GameSpot's wrestling podcast Wrestle Buddies about the upcoming bout.

Castle will be teamed with ROH upstarts Eli Isom and Dak Draper, taking on champions Kaun, Moses, and Shane Taylor. While Castle's teammates may not be as experienced, he believes in them. "[Draper and Isom are] two, beautiful, young whippersnappers that I think have a whole bottle of talent just sitting in those little bellies of theirs, and I'm looking to squeeze them and squirt it all over the ring and get their talent shown in front of a bigger audience," Castle told GameSpot.

The charismatic peacock wants to do more than just win the titles though. He's looking to bring new viewers to ROH. "I think taking on a true team like Shane Taylor Promotions--a guy who's proved himself time and time again--will be a moment for everybody in Ring of Honor," Castle continued. "It's going to bring a lot of eyes to the product and help accomplish the goal that I'm working towards here."

During a segment on Ring of Honor, Castle cackled uncontrollably when talking about Shane Taylor agreeing to this match. Castle elaborated on this moment on why it's so funny. "Well, look at me. Look at Dalton Castle here. I have won the Six Man Championships before. I'm very, very capable of doing it again. I beat the team of the Briscoe Brothers and Bully Ray, three of the hardest hitting and strongest members that we've had on our roster, and I did it all by myself. The Boys, they left the room. They ran away, and what did I do? I took my big ol' muscles, and I pinned Mark Briscoe to the mat.

"And Shane, listen, he's very, very good. Kaun is very, very muscly. And Moses boy, does he got a lot of inertia when he starts moving that he can run right through people, but i'm not afraid of those guys, because you know what they aren't. They are not as talented me. They are not as exciting as me, and they are not focused on the big picture of making Ring of Honor exciting, and I want to make it so exciting that I know I'm going to win."

Additionally, Castle went on to discuss how he is taking in dogs from his neighborhood during the rest of the interview on Wrestle Buddies. However, it totally sounds like he's dognapping. Also on the episode, Castle talks about his upcoming footrace against a Vespa and overbooking himself. Check out the episode above.

ROH's Best in the World event will take place on Sunday, July 11. You can watch the event through HonorClub, which is free for members, or on Fite.Tv for $30. Your local cable or satellite provider may also carry the PPV as well.

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