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Rogue Legacy Dev's New Game Says "Be Kind To Your Cat"

Full Metal purring.


Cellar Door Games, the developer of acclaimed 2D platformer Rogue Legacy, has revealed its newest title. It's called Full Metal Furies, a chaotic action-RPG coming to Xbox One and PC later this year.

The game features multiple playable characters, which you can use in four-player co-op or by yourself, switching quickly between two fighters. A trailer, which you can watch below, highlights a number of rules on how to play the game, ranging from "Know your allies" through "Don't skip dialogue" to "Be kind to your cat."

Full Metal Furies is also an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning buying it digitally on either Xbox One or PC will grant you a copy on the other platform for free. It remains to be seen if Full Metal Furies will come to additional platforms at a later date.

Cellar Door's last game, Rogue Legacy, originally launched on PC in 2013, before coming to PlayStation platforms a year later and Xbox One in 2015. In our review, we said "it's worth exploring Rogue Legacy's castle again and again and again."

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