Rogue Galaxy enters Web space

Official site for Level 5's PlayStation 2 role-player opens; features a lengthy game trailer, character bios, and screens.


Sony Computer Entertainment has opened the official Web site for Rogue Galaxy, the PlayStation 2 role-playing game slated for release in Japan this December. The role-playing game is developed by Level 5, the studio that's become widely known for making Dragon Quest VIII and the Dark Cloud games. Rogue Galaxy's site currently features a brief look at its characters, and a number of in-game screenshots.

What do a jewelry-wearing purple monster, a cat dressed in a military uniform, and Dune-like sandworms have in common? They're all featured in the game's trailer, which runs almost eight minutes long. In the footage, gamers can get a peek at the game's many environments, some awkward romantic encounters between the main characters, and what appears to be gameplay footage.

Rogue Galaxy is a fantasy-themed RPG that revolves around the game's main character, Jester Rogue. Players follow Rogue as he planet-hops around space, visiting a number of planets, each with its own unique ecosystem populated by various unusual creatures.

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