Rodney Matthews art in Haven

Midway announces that the world-renowned fantasy artist has created artwork for its forthcoming adventure game, Haven: Call of the King.


Midway Games and UK-based developer Traveller's Tales have today announced that Rodney Matthews, who has created artwork for countless record covers, book jackets, and the like, has now turned his hand to creating concepts and artwork for Haven: Call of the King.

The game, which Matthews said features fantasy elements that provided a rich template from which to create visuals, will see players assuming the role of a young hero named Haven. In addition to exploring on foot, there will be sections of the game in which players race boats, battle on bikes, fight in planes, shoot from turrets, and even travel between worlds in spacecraft.

The PS2 version of Haven: Call of the King is scheduled for release on November 18, although GameCube and Xbox owners will have to wait until next year. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the PS2 , PS2 , and PS2 versions of the game.

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