Rocky takes swings at PSP

Prehistoric pugilist comes back for "one last fight" on Sony's handheld; Ubisoft game to tie-in with film's late-December release.


Rocky Balboa

Just when movie goers thought they had seen the last of Rocky Balboa, the plucky punching bag from Philadelphia, Sylvester Stallone and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer announced that the 60-year-old Sly would return for another round. Rocky Balboa, likely the boxing franchise's final movie, is due out in theaters later this year.

Film isn't the only medium Rocky is taking another jab at. Ubisoft today confirmed that a PSP game, Rocky Balboa, will be released in conjunction with the movie.

In Soviet Russia, punching bags punch you!
In Soviet Russia, punching bags punch you!

The game was spotted on online retailers' Web sites in August as Rocky 6, but little information accompanied the listing. Not much more info was divulged today, other than that the game will follow the film's storyline.

The game's description paints a slightly depressing picture of a retired Rocky, with the Italian Stallion left alone after the passing of Adrian and a grown son too busy to visit. When presented with the opportunity to fight a young up-and-comer conveniently named Mason "The Line" Dixon, Rocko accepts the challenge and goes back to slurping down raw eggs.

However, recently released screenshots indicate that Rocky will go toe-to-toe with past villains from Rocky films, including Ivan Drago (played in the movies by Dolph Lundgren) and Clubber Lang (played by Laurence Tureaud--aka Mr. T).

Ubisoft says the game will be released "shortly after the movie's December 22, 2006 theatrical release."

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