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Rocky: Legends punches out stores

Ubisoft ships its movie-inspired pugilism sim for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.


Ubisoft has announced that it has shipped Rocky: Legends for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Rated “T” for Teen and retailing for $39.99, the game puts players in the trunks of one of four boxers from the Rocky films: Rocky Balboa, hero of all five movies; Apollo Creed, Rocky's opponent in the first two films; Clubber Lang, his Mohawk-haired nemesis in Rocky III; and Ivan "I must break you" Drago, the Soviet colossus from Rocky IV.

Rocky: Legends' career mode will follow each boxer's career from his amateur debut to his professional finale. During the boxer's career, he will face 40 opponents--26 new boxers, plus returning fighters from the 2002 Rocky game, and some unlockable characters. The game will also feature 20 venues (13 of which are new), which will include locations from the films, such as the Philadelphia Art Museum, a Vegas Casino, and the Russian training camp from Rocky IV.

Developed by Venom Games, Rocky: Legends will also include several training modes that can be played in either single-player or two-person multiplayer fashion. For more on Rocky: Legends, check out its gamespace.

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