Rocksteady's next Batman game a stylized prequel - Report

North London developer supposedly adopting new art style for game that details Batman's first meeting with Joker, arriving in 2014 at earliest.


The next game in Rocksteady Studios' Batman series will be a "highly stylized" prequel, Hollywood news site Variety reports today. The game will reportedly detail Batman's first encounter with the Joker, and is based on the Silver Age of DC comics from the 1950s.

Rocksteady is looking back for the next Batman game, it appears.
Rocksteady is looking back for the next Batman game, it appears.

Gamers may want to temper their excitement for the project, as the site reports the new Batman game is not likely to arrive until 2014 at the earliest. Additionally, Mark Hamill said last October that he will not reprise his role as the Joker in the next game.

As of press time, neither Warner Bros. nor Rocksteady Studios had responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

Rocksteady Studios' first Batman game, Arkham Asylum, launched in 2009 to a strong critical reception. A sequel--Arkham City--debuted last October and had shipped 6 million copies as of February.

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Ok, I can't believe I'm saying this, but screw the silver age. DC has been chasing the dragon for almost two decades now. I am tired of it. Guess, it's time for something else for me. Maybe I will enjoy it a while down the line.

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In my opinion they should make every batman game after orgins stand alone.

So they can could use various voice actors and story lines.

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I found John DiMaggio voicing Joker to be a pretty descent in the Red Hood movie. Maybe he can do it.

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no rocksteady makes me very nervous...

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I hope its not an entire prequel. I bet scarecrow gases batman into reliving past memories, and thats when you get to play the first meeting with the joker, or maybe he has some sort of mind fit that makes him relive past moments, building up as the story progresses only to reveal the joker isnt really dead! or probably something cooler. cant decid who the main villains would be , i bet killer croc will play a part, and it would be interesting to see the ventriloquist as a villain cos he freaks me out. also hope its set in gotham. i tend not to trust what rocksteady say, they have a habit of leaking fake information until the last minute.

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here is the vid that gives you a hint theres a sequel coming up:

listen to what jim gordon sais to batman :)

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Rocksteady is making a new batman game but i am shure it won't be a silver age... the next one will involve ''the identity theft, Azrael and the main villain will be scarecrow" there are soo many easter eggs. im shure its just a rumor about the silver age. if you notice in harley quins revenge, at a part when you are batman... u chat with gordon for a bit and if u ask him more questions he's like ''hey batman after this is done we have to deal WITH THE OTHER PROBLEM REMEMBER".... what other problem? i am shure that means something, like a sequel.

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The batman games are awesome including when catwoman was brought in in arkham city, the gamer that made these games should do a thrid were you can explore gotham city with batman catwoman or download content nightwing, they should do a story were ivy and scarecrow take over gotham like they did in arkham and the cat and bat have too stop them from kidnapping the commissioner and mayor and stop ivy from exposing poison upon gotham, batgirl or aka Oracle make a camy in it.

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Definitely don't want a prequel. There's still so many things they can do by moving this game forward with the story which have been mentioned throughout the comments already. If this is the way it's going to be an mark hamil sticks to his guns and doesn't play the joker, there is only one replacement and only one. John DiMaggio. Don't get me wrong noone can touch hamil,s joker but John does a damn fine job of making the character his own.

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This makes me angry, I dont wanna wait 2 games to continue the story, i want to find out what happens with the Hush Case, and Azreal, and Scarecrow returning, i want more riddles (this will probably still happen though). I also really want something to do with the Red Hood, and Nightwing and Robin will help. This sounds like a really long game but totally worth it.

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it better be good if its not coming out till 2014

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The massive problem with the Azreal plot is it screams a new game, plus the fact that they released a GOTY would be odd for them to release another Arkham city dlc

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Just because They are going back into the universe doesn't mean its going to be bad, It could possible end up being just as amazing as the others and given Rocksteady's reputation on these two it will be amazing I nave no doubt.

I didn't think that Arkham City was as good as Arkham Asylum, in my opinion. Perhaps I liked the atmosphere of Arkham Asylum better. But Arkham cities story's and senerios were way more intense. both games are epic, and a third is going to be just as good.

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Well guess we knew they would kill the game sometime. It's so stupid in my opinion. Name 1 game that didn't tank when they try to go back to the beginning. We want the entire Gotham City to explore and as many of Batman's foes as possible to fight. Guess there is always the new Spiderman game.

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Metal Gear Solid didn't tank after they took it back to Big Boss' beginning. In fact, Metal Gear Solid 3 was the best game in the series (until 4 rolled out).

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@Dakhoth @turkey39470 MGS3>4 easily!

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60's Batman? Meh.

Now if they made the prequel game along the lines of Frank Miller's Year One comic and Nolan's Batman Begins film, where Bruce Wayne first develops his alter ego, that would be something.

Either that, or a full Catwoman game that follows her story after Arkham City.

No 60-70's camp though. Keep the darker tone.

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@gilalizard The silver age ended in the late 60s for Batman. At that point, Batman was revamped by Dennis O'Neil. It didn't go to the gritty extremes of Frank Miller obviously, but it was much more down to Earth and serious by comparison to the silver age.

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NO, NO they should be looking forward not backwards, since the Batman universe is so rich. I just wanna see Nightwing's game or one of the several macrosagas that Batman's universe has. So people, the bottom line is MOVE FORWARD, is more comfortable than backwards.

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He probably said he wasn't going to do it any more because of how AC ended. I think with enough money and fan support, he'd do it. It's not like he's doing much else right now.

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If they are making anothe rbatman with Joker, they need Mark Hamill. Otherwise, leave the joker out of it.

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I totally agree, why would Mark Hamill quit, i mean, he is so good at being the joker, I mean WHY NOT BE THE JOKER, you'd get lots of cash.

No Hamill, No Joker. Leave it to Bane or something.

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@epic542 Bane didn't exist in the silver age.

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Well rocksteady can make brilliant games everyone knows that, but WB is taking away two things that made AA and AC great, one, Rocksteady's gritty and dark tone and styling and two, their freedom in choosing the story and setting and I'm really concerned about that.

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@dbzpranav Who said it couldn't be dark and gritty, and Rocksteady probably chose the story themselves.

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Yeah, Hamill also said that when they wrapped up Arkham Asylum... and Arkham City... And DCU Online...

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Well, he said, For sure, For sure that he would do it anymore.

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Wonder who they'll get to voice the joker in this prequel game since Mark hamill mentioned he's no longer doing it?! personally i prefer hamill as the joker because he's the only person that is right for the job.

Also if kevin Conroy is voicing bruce wayne/batman again i'm happy.

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A Batman game where Batman can explore Gotham City - First game you were on an island, second game in a walled-off part of Gotham, and now the third game should have Gotham city as the main playground.

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@dawnofhero I agree... the 3rd should be more explorative....

I would rather have a 1980's batman, go through "The Killing Joke" (where Joker paralizes Batgirl Barbara Gordan) and "Death in the Family" (Where the Joker kill's Robin aka Jason Todd aka the now Red Hood)

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As long as they drop challenge mode for a more expansive campaign I will be happy. Thought Arkham City's campaign was disapointingly short compared to the epic length of Asylum.

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@The-Neon-Seal What version of Arkham City did you play? Its almost twice as long as Asylum!

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@dbzpranav way to contradict reality. Conservative estimate: Arkham Asylum's campaign is 50% longer than City's, actually a bit more so. Somebody on youtube beat the entire Arkham City campaign from start to finish in under 1 hour and 48 minutes

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I have no doubts that Rocksteady will make another fantastic Batman game but I really hope i don't have to wait until 2014. And I can't see anyone else play the joker besides Mark Hamill honestly.

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Why dont they just make Batman Beyond, i mean, with all that futuristic setting

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They'd have to get Terry's VA to do justice with it. It would sound off replacing Will with another VA.

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2014? Prequel? Why?? I have already met the Joker and i just let him die!I want a sequel to explain Harlequin's pregnancy tests, Joker's and Tania's deaths, not to see how batman MET joker!

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In Harley Quin's Revenge it shows Scarface dressed as the joker in a baby carriage with another pregnancy test resulting in negative. (and its Talia. Just letting you know).

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wow, i didn't see how many people said what i said already, sorry.

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@epic542 hehe ok, I got it! I played HQR and I'm now sure that she's not pregnant :( ! Oops, my mistake :p I don't want to revive wrong person!

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Sounds like you haven't played the last dlc.

After Harley's encounter with Robin, she may no longer be pregnant.

Getting punched and kicked in the stomach isn't exactly conductive to a pregnancy.


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@Valas_Azuviir @kos_maverik You obliviously haven't played the DLC either Valas. Harley Quinn didn't lose her pregnancy because of the encounter with Robin. If you check out Joker's HQ as Batman before the encounter, you can see that all her pregnancy tests is negative. She already lost her pregnancy before Robin punched her. Use your brain before you speak.

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@patrib1103 @Valas_Azuviir Well, I just finished the dlc and I did notice the negative pregnancy tests.. You're right about that, I just don't believe joker is really done!

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@Valas_Azuviir Well, no I haven't :P

Too bad for her :(

You still do not know what has really happened to Joker tho! I really hope the SEquel proves his death wrong!!

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We're all tired of prequels. Somebody tell the people who make these things?

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Sounds awesome. But it sad that Mark Hamill won't be the Joker anymore.