Rockstar Will Reveal New Projects "Soon," GTA 5 Still Going Strong

XCOM 2 delayed slightly on consoles ahead of its release.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Rockstar Will Reveal New Projects "Soon," GTA 5 Still Going Strong

Take-Two today reported the results of its first fiscal of 2017, which ended on June 30, 2016. Thanks to Grand Theft Auto V--and GTA Online--it was a relatively successful quarter for the company, though it still experienced a loss.

GAAP net revenue was on the rise during the quarter, growing 13 percent to $311.6 million (compared with $275.3 million during the same period last year). Take-Two identified GTA V, GTA Online, NBA 2K16, and Battleborn as the main contributors, although CEO Strauss Zelnick noted in a conference call with investors that Battleborn did not perform as well as expected.

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Digital net revenue was also up for the quarter, from $154 million last year to $172.1 million this year. Similarly, what Take-Two calls "recurrent consumer spending"--things like DLC and virtual currency--was up 18 percent year-over-year, accounting for 31 percent of the company's total net revenue. Take-Two noted that GTA Online had record bookings but didn't specify exactly how much money it generated.

Take-Two did suffer a net loss for the quarter of $38.6 million, but that's almost half of what it lost ($67 million) during the same period last year.

As part of its earnings, Take-Two also revealed that the console versions of XCOM 2 had been delayed slightly. They will now launch on September 27 in North America and September 30 internationally.

It also touched on Rockstar's next projects, albeit as vaguely as it possibly could. It stated, "Rockstar Games also is hard at work on some exciting future projects that will be revealed soon."

Finally, it noted that the Civilization franchise has shipped more than 35 million units.

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Avatar image for urbanman2004

Just release another Red Dead sequel please

Avatar image for dnsfw_jamus

A new red dead game would be great, but they already know we want that, out of other games, I would like to see another max payne, maybe another bully

Avatar image for thecman25

GtavV is Dead, The new game better be bully

Avatar image for dnsfw_jamus

@thecman25: sure, aside from the fact that theres still about 1m+active users who play it at least 10 hours a week and they still make money off it, but other than that... yeah totally dead /sarcastic masturbatory movement

Avatar image for Johny_47

I just hope there's another Manhunt coming out, so much like the first one, music and all, so gritty and dark, bloody wicked, no pun intended ; )

Same thing for Midnight Club, I hope a new one of those is coming out more like the older games like Midnight Club 2, fast paced night racing and doesn't take itself too serious, great diverse soundtrack too.

Avatar image for dnsfw_jamus

@Johny_47: it's not gonna be either of those. Rockstar has publicly said that they were basically ashamed of midnight club, that they did it for the money, and the 2nd manhunt received so much derision that they've basically shelved any future ideas for that franchise, especially considering the guy who did the first one no longer works there.

Avatar image for ncorvelli


You're probably right.. Given the success of GTA5 on free DLC alone.. People are still gonna buy those shark cards because of the in game GTA purchasing lol. Like that new place servo? You can spend like 7million if you go all ou . Then I hear eventually they'll be making mansions available to purchase around the high end area.. Wonder how that's gonna play out.. But anyway I'm more excited for red dead regardless.. Obviously it'll be bigger but I mean back then there weren't that many towns or villages that were big.. So I think they have a lot of work ahead of them and don't mind waitin . I've never lost faith in rock star. They're definitely for their customers/gamers, unlike a lot of some fps games I know of.. *cough* *cough*. But hey what can ya do. New generation of console gaming is here and I'm excited.

Avatar image for Fandango_Letho

If only they had put half of the effort they put in MP but for the SP. All of these cars, guns and so on.

Avatar image for edgardpoe

GTA New Vice City

Avatar image for WilliamRLBaker

Dont care as I wont buy gta5 I played it somewhat after launch but when I figured they were going to milk it's online and ignore all single player content I stopped playing the copy I borrowed.

Avatar image for charlieholmes

@WilliamRLBaker: Exactly! Don't know that I'll be buying the next GTA since they didn't support us single player people at all.

Avatar image for harsh_rajvansh

Oh atleast announce the titles already rockstar! I dont want you to release the game tomorrow but at least let us know what the F you cookin!!

Avatar image for metsuri

GTA5 is NOT going strong. GTA Online is going strong... They haven't supported GTA 5 since you got your first report on shark cards. I will NOT buy Red Dead NOR GTA 6 if all GTA 6 is going to be is a repeat of lack of support of GTA 5 or if the campaign is significantly shorter than the GTA 5 campaign.

Avatar image for dnsfw_jamus

@metsuri: gtaonline is gta5, but thanks for playing. as for you not buying red dead or gta 6, I think they'll just have to get along with the 10s of millions of other people who will, versus the, at best thousands of people who are too caught up drowning in their own tears to go pick up a game they'd like if they werent busy whining.

Avatar image for metsuri

@dnsfw_jamus: Humping/jerkoff/flipoff animations, names like testicalman117, and a plethora of shenanigans and annoying idiots on microphones is all that GTA online is. Single player story mode is 1000x better with the outstanding main characters and story along with the astounding support characters and jokes about modern pop culture and politics.

You do not get that kind of stuff in online. It is the same reason why I do not care about games like No Man's Sky and MMOs. There is no way to be immersive when players have stupid jibberish names, naming planets crap like ballsackmoon or something.

GTA5 story mode, Skyrim, Witcher 3, etc, those are GOOD games. GTA online is nothing but a glorified high graphic phone app for PC and consoles with microtransaction galore and Pay 2 Win/full time grinding to acquire anything. It simply isn't worth anything.

It will be more than thousands. There is never a video/article about GTA Online for which isn't filled by anti GTAO commenters like myself. Forums are filled with a plethora of related posts as well. People want single player and the only reason our crowd contributed toward the 10s of millions is because Vanilla game is astounding and back during the release of both the original and the remaster, they pledged support of single player. They then revamped their decision purely based on the success of microtransactions/shark cards. They 100% abandoned their fans for which previous titles were primarily about offline.

It was a dick move, pure and simple. Sales are not a great indicator because Rockstar will have high sales no matter what because they are Rockstar. Similar to how FF13 games got a lot of hate but it got in the top 3 for sales (minus the mmos) simply because it is final fantasy, though look at the sales for ff13-2 and ff13-3. People bought 13 part 1 because it was a new Final Fantasy. They didn't buy the sequels because FF13 made them skeptical and it sucked.

The same will go for GTA if they reduce single player content, I can guarantee that. It will still be profitable, but not as much as if they supported both modes and kept all players. There is no question that they have both the staff and resources to do both. Just the profit margin is higher when in game real money transactions are present to speed up acquisition of vanity when it is the only reward system.

Avatar image for deactivated-58b0b257815cf

All I care about is Red Dead 2 on PC.

Avatar image for Keitha313

@slappy54: Exact same, the GTA Online is so damn boring.

Avatar image for syntaxkt

I think it's pretty obvious what they will be announcing soon. Table Tennis VR here we go!!

Avatar image for jamesbr27

Rockstar has the power to make these at least in the next 5 years:

Bully 2, Red Dead 3, GTA VI, Midnight Club, Oni 2 and maybe LA Noire 2.

Avatar image for dnsfw_jamus

@jamesbr27: they were embarassed by midnight club, so thats not happening, as for bully the only version of that game that sold well was the original xbox version. The remaster with the additional content was a test balloon to see if people wanted a sequel and it just didn't sell well enough. And the company which actually made LA noire has publicly vowed never to work with rockstar again.

Avatar image for Keitha313

@jamesbr27: Instead, instead what they will do is wait until the life cycle of PS4 and Xbox One is nearly done and they will release a GTA game for it they will coax us all with hopes of multiplayer expansion the HEISTS... then what will happen is they will delay the heists they will work on the PS5 and Xbox Two remasters then they will release the game once more full retail price they will THEN AGAIN tease the heists but further delay it this time to work on the PC version so they release the PC version full retail once again and 3/4 months from the PC release FINALLY we get something so in the space of 2-3 years they release the same game 3 times.

They do ALL of that yet they catch no flack for it unbelievable isn't it?

Avatar image for Dawg9000

@Keitha313: I could not have described it any better. Just trying to rake in the dough instead of providing quality gaming there. Straight up said "Oh wait, we lied, there IS a PS4/XONE version!" Despicable.

Avatar image for beavisj

@jamesbr27: Would also like to see a new Manhunt

Avatar image for dnsfw_jamus

@beavisj: not happening. The guy who made the only good manhunt game no longer works there, and 2 was met with so much derision that they've basically shelved any future ideas until they can come up with something more than just interactive torture porn that was the 2nd game

Avatar image for proceeder

Boy! Summer must be really a drought for this rumor to stay up on the chart so long!

Avatar image for rolento25

A new Midnight Club and Red Dead on PC... make it happen !

Avatar image for GabrielX-X

Its a new GTA style game, RDR is not a new project.

Avatar image for DefunktJunk

Would love to see a new Table Tennis and Red Dead game.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

Midnight club and on PC too PRETTY PLEAAAAAAAASE!

Avatar image for frank_castle

New Red Dead or bust

Avatar image for deactivated-5c1c32e0b8cc8

Another Red Dead title would be great, but I'm really hoping to see a new Midnight Club!!

Avatar image for ncorvelli

Honestly if they make RDR2 I am simply going to lose my mind... I don't usually get excited over a game or preorder something months in advance, but once red dead redemption 2 becomes available for preorder I am getting the most expensive per order because that game was simply amazing. I can't even imagine how good it would be on next gen console . *foaming at the mouth*

Avatar image for charlieholmes

@ncorvelli: I'm waiting for RDR2 also but I'm very worried the single player is going to be way too short. They're going to invest most of their time on online for it and the "Shark Cards" of RDR2 to milk it to death. So, I may not be buying it other than when it is used.

Hope I'm wrong!

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@ncorvelli: It will be Red Dead 3 or Red Dead 'Insert Name' not Red Dead Redemption 2. John Marston is dead and his Redemption complete having a Redemption 2 wouldn't make sense.

Most people make this mistake because they didn't even realise that Redemption had a predecessor and still less played it.

Avatar image for ncorvelli

@gotrekfabian: it was read dead revolver right? I think I played very little of it... But you get what I'm saying lol. The next iteration of it..

Avatar image for dmblum1799

Their stock has performed well:

It's probably overvalued. Morningstar has their P/E at 35. And one of their money makers, NBA 16k was given away to PS4 plus members for free. I got it that way.

Avatar image for Attitude2000

@dmblum1799: To be fair, the hype train has started for 2K17.

Avatar image for analgrin

@dmblum1799: I installed NBA 16k. . . then quickly uninstalled it as it took up far too much space. More than GTA5 and that game is pretty damn big.