Rockstar Will Reveal New Projects "Soon," GTA 5 Still Going Strong

XCOM 2 delayed slightly on consoles ahead of its release.

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Take-Two today reported the results of its first fiscal of 2017, which ended on June 30, 2016. Thanks to Grand Theft Auto V--and GTA Online--it was a relatively successful quarter for the company, though it still experienced a loss.

GAAP net revenue was on the rise during the quarter, growing 13 percent to $311.6 million (compared with $275.3 million during the same period last year). Take-Two identified GTA V, GTA Online, NBA 2K16, and Battleborn as the main contributors, although CEO Strauss Zelnick noted in a conference call with investors that Battleborn did not perform as well as expected.

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Digital net revenue was also up for the quarter, from $154 million last year to $172.1 million this year. Similarly, what Take-Two calls "recurrent consumer spending"--things like DLC and virtual currency--was up 18 percent year-over-year, accounting for 31 percent of the company's total net revenue. Take-Two noted that GTA Online had record bookings but didn't specify exactly how much money it generated.

Take-Two did suffer a net loss for the quarter of $38.6 million, but that's almost half of what it lost ($67 million) during the same period last year.

As part of its earnings, Take-Two also revealed that the console versions of XCOM 2 had been delayed slightly. They will now launch on September 27 in North America and September 30 internationally.

It also touched on Rockstar's next projects, albeit as vaguely as it possibly could. It stated, "Rockstar Games also is hard at work on some exciting future projects that will be revealed soon."

Finally, it noted that the Civilization franchise has shipped more than 35 million units.

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Avatar image for Marky360

Meh I don't care honestly Rockstar hasn't impressed me with a game since GTA SA

Avatar image for Keaze_

@Marky360: The amount and quality of content in GTA V is extremely impressive. But I did get tired of it and didn't finish it. Spent too much time doing the stunt jumps and submarine radioactive searching and alien artifacts etc. Never went back to finish the story. I'm doing a second playthrough right now on PS4 and think I will have the same problem.

Avatar image for se7en1989

@Marky360: LMAO you act like you could design something or come up with something better haha (which you cant)

Avatar image for Marky360


No I don't I act like I wasn't impressed with GTA V I didn't say I could do better. Although devs can and have made better more fun games in my opinion like Violation with Saint's Row IV which is a lot more fun then GTA V or Avelanche with Just Cause 3 which again is also a lot more fun then GTA V and also a lot bigger. So yea Rockstar doesn't impress me too much they aren't bad or anything like EA or Activision (THEY are garbage) they just aren't the best to me.

Avatar image for Mogan

@Marky360: Vice City for me. Sure, all the GTA and Red Dead games are impressive feats of design and engineering ... but they aren't for me anymore. Too much filler padding out their stories; I get tired of the gameplay well before the stories are over.

Avatar image for analgrin

@Marky360: You don't find GTA5 remotely impressive? What's wrong with you?

Avatar image for Marky360


It's Meh to me doesn't do anything particularly amazing.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@analgrin: It's the usual case of: person doesn't like a game, says it is bad/unimpressive/not as good as ....

Even if I don't like something I still appreciate that others will and why. Gamers are still pretty churlish on these kind of things as an overall demographic.

Avatar image for Marky360


Yea my friends love GTA V and I don't blame them for doing so I just don't find it that impressive.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@Marky360: Likewise, I just don't enjoy the online part of it but it is still a very good game for those who enjoy those type of games. It must be the most dlc given away for free (and not after it was charged for) for any game I can think of. Great game but not for me.

Avatar image for suvam23

@lowmercy: So ur saying gta4 had better characters and even better story than gta 5 ? Its a pleasure knowing u.... ................... BAZINGA

Avatar image for dmblum1799


You have the right to express your opinion. I have the right to call it nuts.

Avatar image for magemaximus

@analgrin: this

Avatar image for thomasn7

Red Dead 2 has to be one of them.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@thomasn7: Red Dead 3. ;)

Avatar image for thomasn7

@gotrekfabian: 3,4,5 who cares. Just bring it on!

Avatar image for Xristophoros

does "soon" mean in a year? they have been using that word an awful lot over the past 12-24 months. i'm sure they will just release another read dead... whatever. i'd like to see something new from rockstar. agent would be a pleasant surprise.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

Can't believe they're still relying on GTAV, it came out 2013! I guess the success is well deserved but it's a long time to wait for another project. Hope it will be as enjoyable as the GTAV campaign!

Avatar image for heydink

@girlusocrazy: these large scale games take an incredible amount of development time. People have no respect for it until you work in a development/production position

Avatar image for deactivated-594c406a99d4d

Good ol' GTA5, the things ive created with it.

Avatar image for jcharp

While I hate that we never got any single player DLC for GTAV, it's clear that their decision to focus on GTA Online has been a good one from a financial point of view. IMO, that's a shame since I never felt that the online experience had the same character and depth of the single player campaign.

Rumors would imply that the new title is going to be a Red Dead installment. I certainly hope so. I never played Bully but I hear it was really good, so I'd be interested in that as well.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@jcharp: Yeah personally the campaign is all I enjoyed from that game. GTA Online is just a different product that was trojan horsed in with GTAV, not a bad way to launch a new product though

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

I think GTA Online and shark cards killed off any potential story dlc for GTA V kinda disappointing cause Rockstars DLC is like a full game

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

Come on already R*, I want to know if it's going to be Red Dead, Bully, LA Noire/Whore of the Orient, Manhunt or something new entirely. I'm not a fan of GTA online so to see a new IP announced from one of my favourite developers would be fantastic even if I do have to wait a year or two!

I don't want it to be Max Payne or Midnight Club having said that.

Avatar image for blitzking

@gotrekfabian: Are you insane?! Midnight Club was one of the best Rockstar games besides GTA and Bully. Max Payne was great and so was Red Dead Redemption

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@blitzking: Even though they have had some great entries in the series I just don't want those games. The others are more my type of game. Is that okay?

Avatar image for skipper847

GTA V Still going strong because you all buy DLC for MP. Not to mention them money card things to get currency in game.

Avatar image for PS2fweak

@skipper847: DLC is free, so other than sales of the base game, all their money is coming from Shark Cards.

It sucks that fans don't know what they're doing to the series. Rockstar looks at fans and thinks "should we move on?", but fans just keep eating up the crumbs, so Rockstar keeps passing them out, because it's profitable.

The craziest part is they wouldn't be creating free content if everybody treated it like free content. It's annoying when people give them credit for it. They're not being nice. It's just a better business model. Selling paid DLC just isn't as profitable as giving away free items and watching lazy people pay real money for those same items.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@skipper847: There isn't any paid dlc for GTA Online, it's all free.

Avatar image for shay-cormac

@skipper847: Those "money cards" are the only dlc you can buy.

Avatar image for o311rocks

Spoiler: It's just more GTA5 multiplayer DLC.

Avatar image for alaannn

they should release a new gta

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@alaannn: They will but it won't be soon. With GTA V/GTA online doing so well there is no rush to bring g a new GTA to the table. I think it is more likely that they will bring a new Red Dead or Bully out next.