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Rockstar turmoil afflicting Max Payne 3's August launch?

Purported former Vancouver studio employee said alleged San Diego studio conditions are mirrored at Canada outfit; shooter sequel slated for late-summer debut, but delay likely.

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Source: Popular gaming blog Joystiq.

What we heard: It appears as if Red Dead Redemption isn't the only title creating a strenuous work environment at Rockstar Games. Joystiq reports today that it has received word that a similar situation is unfolding at Max Payne 3 development house Rockstar Vancouver.

"Virtually everything said in the original 'Rockstar wives' letter and by current and former Rockstar San Diego employees in the comments applies to my experience at Rockstar Vancouver," a purported former employee at the studio told Joystiq. The studio is also reportedly in "enforced crunch mode through to the end of the project," necessitating "14 - 16 hour work days, six or seven days a week."

Max Payne 3 may, or may not, hit shelves in August.
Max Payne 3 may, or may not, hit shelves in August.

The source also noted that Rockstar is targeting an August 2010 release for Max Payne 3, having delayed the game to late 2010 in December. The game was officially announced in March 2009 after having been first mentioned in March 2004.

"The game's story just went through another total re-write earlier this month (the third that I am aware of in the past two years) and that [means] the team would have to have all of the content done by April or May to make that August release date," he said.

The official story: Rockstar had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Given that the Independent Game Developers Association has offered to mediate in the quality-of-life concerns at Rockstar San Diego, it seems like there is some credence to the purported Vancouver employee's claims.

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