Rockstar teases "exciting" Grand Theft Auto V reveal

Developer suggests news about game's main story mode will be announced "very soon."


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Rockstar Games has news to share about Grand Theft Auto V's main campaign. The developer said today that it will announce information about "exciting Story Mode updates" very soon, suggesting new content may be coming to the open-world action game.

The tease came as part of Rockstar's release date announcement for the Beach Bum expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online, which will be released next Tuesday, November 19.

No new single-player content for GTAV has been announced to date. Predecessor Grand Theft Auto IV welcomed two post-release expansions: The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

For more on GTAV, check out GameSpot's review.

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Ever since the first Grand Theft Auto game has been obvious that Rockstar North has hit the action jackpot. All the later editions have been huge market successes and one the most downloaded and played games.

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Any news on this? Usually when Rockstar "teases" something they talk about it the following week...

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How gutted would everyone be if they said GTA 5 Expansion packs will ONLY be availble for next gen consoles!! :) forcing everyone to purchase it again with a ps4/xbone. Na they wouldn't though. . . . would they??

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Any news? It's odd that Rockstar would announce this so early, have two major console releases go by, and still not say anything about it yet.

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For me the GTA 5 single player + online experience was A BLAST!!! The single player took me around 60 hours to complete it to 100%.Online was was a blast as I've played 200+ hours and I currently stand on lvl 91 (there a thousands of ppl that are 50,100 and even 200 lvls above me).What more can you ask for? ===> 200 hours of single player? 100 heists? The heists were AMAZING...a few as they were,thats what made them so special.The online experience was too repetetive? Let me tell you something: If you try all the game has to offer than there is a lot you can actually do.Don't race Criminal Records or Down the Drain all day long - try some other races (air races,water races).Do some parachute jumps.I love parachuting coz most of the other ppl suck at it,and Its the easiest to win at - I have over 70 jumps done so far.The missions are also fun (they are the most repetitive thing so far imo,but still very interesting).Try killing ppl in the lobby with different weapons so that you unlock new paint jobs for your weapons

People like to complain about stuff coz we're basically jerks (even I am),but its really simple: GTA 5 is the BEST GAME IN THE WORLD (in this moment).None of the elements are "the best" by their own,but they are damn good and the multitude of things you can do makes it a terrific experience.

People on PC can cry all day long about low frame rates,or how the game is not even that good (THE GAME IS EXCELLENT),but thats all that they got left.You are missing out and thats a FACT!!!

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For the hundreds/thousands of dollars PC gamers have spent on their machines, and chanting "master race" like some kind of racist fanatic on gaming websites and facebook, you guys sure complain a lot about GTA 5. And then you go on a rant about how you won't buy this game and refuse to play it on inferior hardware. For people who are so above the rest, you sure cast a lot of admiring/jealous glances. Wait for your turn kiddos, you'll have it when Rockstar gets around to you guys...sometime late next year.

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@saadomar 60 million people on Steam is a lot of lost sales for Rockstar games. If anyone should be salty, it would be Take-Two.

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I hear the first 2 DLC packs are going to be free or is that a load of horse shit?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The beach Online content is free, i think the Online Add-ons are all free.

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And still no PC release, lol. This game will be irrelevant by the time it comes out on PC, GTA 6 will already be announced.

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I really fucking want to go into a burgershot

or any building that isnt in a mission, wtf rockstar wtf...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> last gen console restrictions. i'm willing to be the PC/next-gen version will have a lot of buildings to enter.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> blame the current gen ok ? 512 of RAM can only do some much for a game ;) It's like twice my phone's memory lol

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actually, he's right. the cpu's in both the ps4/xbone are a complete joke. as for their gpu's, the ps4's over a year old and considered to be on the low end of mid-range cards. xbones is complete trash, a downclocked amd 7770, absolutely horrible. ps4's is a little more respectable, but not by much.

Avatar image for prats93

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> "The cpu and gpu in ps4 and xbone are weak as ****"

You clearly dont know what you're talking about, do you?

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they need next gen launch and pc it runs like absolute ass on this gen consoles like an old man running up a hill loool

Avatar image for jayjay444

@Merseyak LOL AT U! it runs like shit on consoles? well seen you've never played it I have yet to experience frame rate drops on the game, also whats the point in having all that power on the PC when all the best games come on consoles only lol, PC is a joke when it comes to gaming and that's why consoles will always be better, the best games is all that matters on consoles u keep your ":PC master race" by the time GTA5 comes out it will be old news and that's basically all the PC is now "old news" lmfao.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> hahaha im sorry all that derpa derpa you just chatted child i mistook you for a terrorist my bad anyway your just very uneducated and i feel sorry for you

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Lol, I understand it's annoying when PC gamers start jerkin off about how superior PC's are compared to consoles.. but tbh it's true. PC gamers can be annoying pricks, but you can't deny that PC's are far superior to consoles for gaming... I had an XBOX 360, that died a year in to purchase (Bull shit red ring of death) and I currently own a PS3 as well, but as soon as I got myself a decent computer, I barely ever touch my PS3. (Well except for the uncharted series and Last of Us) The graphics and overall performance on a PC is 100x better than on a console, and you can't even argue this unless you are retarded. The same game on high settings and resolution just looks amazing, and eventually console games just all look like shit. I can't ever switch back to consoles, because it's like everything else, when you've experienced the good shit, you don't ever wanna go back.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Sure the graphics may always be light years ahead of current consoles. But what games do you have to even enjoy those graphics with? Sure my NES is almost 30 years old, but I still have a blast playing those games every now and then.

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Really hoping for some 4th character DLC. And new heists. And by the way most of the criticisms on this comments section are idiotic, as is the norm for this site and the internet in general.

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so what, the mp is broken and in sp the "Experts" you can hire for your heist can´t learn anything useful in only 3 heists, a pointless mechanic.

nothing to see here, move on.

Avatar image for jarheadalex

<< LINK REMOVED >> There's no denying the heists were fun, and I can't wait to see them in MP but yeah I agree with you on the whole levelling up your henchmen (or whatever you want to call them) given that I could never remember who I'd used, they never really and I don't recall them ever making a difference anyway.

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I love how everyone stopped talking about this game like two weeks after its release. And the multiplayer was supposed to be a revolution too.

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You're idiot, or you're just in denial. GTA V is still leading in software sales for the third month in a row, and due to the fact that Rockstar barely advertises except for on their own website or a tv commercial here or there, I'd say it was because of word of mouth. Get your facts straight.

Avatar image for Tiwill44

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm not saying it wasn't successful, but it seems like everyone went back to their "Call of Duties" and "Leagues of Legends" pretty quickly. I haven't seen anyone playing GTA or talking about it in the last month. It's like everyone played it, enjoyed it, and moved on without looking back. I guess I just don't see people coming back to it just for some DLC.

It might be because next-gen consoles have stolen all the attention and a "new" CoD was released, but still.

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That's your experience then. I've got a friends list full of people still playing GTA - and several high profile games (including Battlefield 4, COD Ghosts, AC4, etc) have released since. Judging from your profile, you don't strike me as someone who enjoys games like GTA (I could be wrong), but if you or your friends don't care for, or play GTA, then you're not likely going to be talking about it - period. Besides, you and I both know that the majority of "talk" about a game exists primarily before a game releases, and the few weeks after the game releases - at least until there's DLC (*cough* like the article is talking about now *cough*) in which case it would become the topic of discussion again - but that point is mute because people are indeed still playing it, and still talking about it.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> define everyone..??? i still know plenty of people who are playing the game and talking about it... just because you dont like the game doesnt mean everyone else doesnt...

Avatar image for archav3n

Lol not PC version announcement? PC got owned again and again. Poor sod

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It needs to be more large heists and a fairly hefty story mode addition otherwise I don't know that I'll be going back to the game.