Rockstar spinning Midnight Club 3: DUB Remix

New racer features bonus content, cheaper price for Xbox and PS2. $20 edition adds 24 cars, new city, and tunes.


Rockstar's Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition is about to get a little more irie. The company today announced that its racer will be repackaged with new content in a special Remix edition, and it will pull into stores this March. The game's sticker price is also getting an overhaul. The game's price will go down to $19.99 as it enters the PlayStation 2's Greatest Hits and Xbox's Platinum Hits programs.

The new spin on the street racer adds to the 50-plus cars and three cities of the original. Remix features 24 new vehicles and one new city, Tokyo. Drivers will also be able to bob their heads to some new music and rumble on some new battle maps.

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix was developed by Rockstar San Diego and will carry an E for Everyone rating. For more info on the franchise, cruise over to GameSpot's review of Midnight Club 3.

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Avatar image for wildsoul0509

it has a hummer h3-t right? i'm gonna buy it now!

Avatar image for Redsaturn

i for one like the idea

Avatar image for merlin77022

Game is fun and all, great way to just mindlessly drive around. I think that the whole re-relase with bonus content crap is waa-yyy too overdone. My theory, put as much as you can into one release and pray that it does as well as FF7, atleast that way, people who buy it later on down the road don't feel as thought they got ripped off for paying $50 for a now less than complete version of the same title.

Avatar image for GoldenFace

Erg. I just bought MC3 a month ago used for $22.

Avatar image for too_dze

Hey, it may seem like a way to milk folks for more money, but why add stuff and only get half the money for it. I think the added content is a way to say thank you, the consumer, for the support. Hell, look at DMC3: SE, no one said a thing when that came out with the additional Virgil stuff. I will pick up MC3.5 in March. Good stuff.

Avatar image for Jamesp2005

I think this is a good idea.

Avatar image for chrisdojo

teh milkage.....

Avatar image for DrKill09

I bet this new version will work on the 360. That alone is worth $20.

Avatar image for Foppe

Looks like another Xbox game that I must buy.

Avatar image for ewjim

Good, good.

Avatar image for chshak

i did not get to play it so i may get it this time

Avatar image for mikekare79

Just make Midnight Club 4 for my Xbox 360.

Avatar image for boolow407

Kinda cool I guess, but to rebuy it for one track and a few extra cars and music would be dumb. With the new systems (360 and PS3) containing a hard drive, I wonder how many games are gonna go PC expansion style, meaning either buying a disc or downloading the extra content for those who already purchased the original version. Im all for expansion packs if they warrant their price.

Avatar image for DeathStar17


Avatar image for NYC_Souljah08

omg I want a 360 version already....

Avatar image for donscrillinger

but i think its a very nice touch. but thats some bs!we cant download the upgrade .

Avatar image for donscrillinger

why cant we just download it

Avatar image for lageasy311

Fallen_Angelz Why all the hate? Theyre making a great game even better, and now its cheaper for the people who didnt get it the first time around. I played 3 like crazy so unless this version pops up on the 360, Ive had my fill. Still, most developers rush games out and expect you to pay $65 now, this is a nice gesture and youd think people would appreciate it more. I agree with this person. We complain that the japanese market gets all the great games, but this is something the japanese do. They remake the games and sell them cheaper to try and attract the old fans as well as maybe the ones who were leaning on the fence about getting it. Now this gives some incentive, cheaper with more features. The fact that you guys are whining about this makes no sense. It's like failing at failing lol. You guys make me laugh.

Avatar image for DrKill09

I'm buying this. :D

Avatar image for chris_n

I've been watching this game very closely, and I know it's going to move people whom are either returning or new to the Budokai world, from what I've seen Gamespot will have to crank up their rating system. -Chris_N

Avatar image for SanAndreasfan

this is gonna be awesome.....

Avatar image for cousinit796

GRRR, i just bought the it the other day

Avatar image for lildragn

What's the prob? Just trade in the older copy for this one and enjoy even MORE savings and newer features...

Avatar image for jakeboudville

it's a good thing i haven't buy the original version yet

Avatar image for Sagacious_Tien

I held off on picking this and DMC3 up - and I'm getting rewarded for it. If there is achoice between the original expensive version with less features, or this version, I know which one Im choosing.

Avatar image for radiocreed

What the hell, I just got this game last december. It wasn't as great as other racers like Burnout Revenge and Most Wanted. Next time I wait for a game, I'll wait a full 12 months intead of 9.

Avatar image for Sinister904

why not just make a midnight club 4?

Avatar image for gdogg4210

oh, no pc release

Avatar image for Attitude2000

When it came out last year, I opted to go for Wrestlemania 21 for the Xbox. This is my chance to do something right.

Avatar image for ZeTecThreaT

Heh mainstream gamers open your wallets.

Avatar image for 247k

Alot of games from last year are making a comeback with a whole bunch of extras and a cheaper price tag, I guess that is good since no good games are coming out right now.

Avatar image for frontier49

No surprise Take Two had low financials with their subsidiaries spending time and energy on a poor "Remix" release.

Avatar image for 0diablo0

too bad it's not for the psp ........

Avatar image for i_love_my_ds

its not a bad game. quit all the hating.

Avatar image for XlpranksterlX

I liked the original and would like to play this game again. Im not sure i want to buy it again though.

Avatar image for townsenda1

I'm all about this. I'm glad I didn't buy it before so now I get new cars and race tracks or courses, and for only $20 bucks. Sounds good to me.

Avatar image for SLAYERPSP

i hope it works on the 360 id get it i liked the game more stuff is cool but come on guys why rehash what is this dvds now

Avatar image for kicking222

Rockstar, you're my absolute favorite game company in the entire world. Why, oh why, oh lordy why would you ever do this? What's the point? Make a sequel to "The Italian Job." That game was pretty excellent. Or, better yet, add some new content to the PS2 port of "Liberty City Stories." Please?

Avatar image for dwoop

Exactly, I didn't get it the first time and I almost bought itthis month but now I have a reason to wait!!

Avatar image for VFA-102

I already bought the game last year. Will the new content be downloadable for a price for those that already bought the game?

Avatar image for Khimarhi

just like the wait to get a special extended version of movies. . i hate this stupid trend

Avatar image for ryustruck

i was gonna get this game, but i dont think its worth the $30 dollars i have to pay for it, well i guess ill be picking up this version, but then again, DMC3 is looking pretty sweet

Avatar image for bryehngeocef

I think this is a great idea for greatest/platnum hits & player's choice titles. It's great value, and also good for people that trade in games, and get an itch for it a year or two later. More content? I'm all for it.

Avatar image for joeamis

Some companies do it ahead of time, some do not. Anyways, I didn't see anyone complain about DMC3 special reissue. This is the same deal. I'm not interested but that's my 2 cents. I think Rockstar did this move again (GTASA SE) because of all the money TakeTwo has lost from Hot Coffee. And now there's more lawsuits...

Avatar image for Sociologist

NeoJoe, you are correct in your assumption to a certain degree. This is a common marketing tactic similar to the age old marketing adage, "New and Improved Version" or what not. Xbox LIVE bonus material is notorious for using this scheme, (i.e. the warsome map pack, Ghost Recon 2 bonus maps). While this is supposedly new material, only suckers or fanboys will believe this.

Avatar image for 504Cp3

are yall kidding me, im getting this as soon as it comes out

Avatar image for toadhjo

I like budget reissues with extras. Mostly because I'm usually to cheap to buy games for $50. I held off on DMC 3...and now I'm getting a sweet deal. Same with this game.

Avatar image for CheatRZ

I'm beginning to think a lot of gamers are becoming overly picky.

Avatar image for NeoJoe

I am beginning to think that developers come up with all this content at first and then trim it away when they release it. Then when the budget version comes around they put the stuff back in it to move more units.

Avatar image for 0neWingedAngel

The game was okay, but its old...

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