Rockstar says not to install GTAV "play" disc on Xbox 360

Do not install the GTAV "play" disc on Xbox 360 for "optimal performance," says Rockstar on Twitter.


Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games has encouraged Xbox 360 owners of Grand Theft Auto V not to install one of the game's two discs to their hard drive.

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The Xbox 360 version of GTAV ships on two discs, one labelled as "install" and the other as "play." The game features a mandatory 8GB installation from the first disc, with the second required to sit in a user's disc tray in order to play.

Some users might have considered installing the play disc to their hard drive too, but Rockstar Games advised against this on Twitter if users want "optimal performance."

Rockstar has said that it will have more information on this on its support site when the game launches tomorrow.

Over the weekend Rockstar said it was "investigating" cases of the game being sold early.

The PlayStation 3 version of the game also requires a mandatory installation, but the game ships on one Blu-Ray disc.

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