Rockstar North hiring network programmers

Job listing reveals the Grand Theft Auto developer is looking for help in crafting networked--and potentially online--gameplay.


When it was revealed that Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories would have multiplayer, many hoped that it would also let people shoot it out online. While that didn't end up happening, there is now some evidence that future Grand Theft Autos may indeed have online play.

The clue comes in the form of a job listing posted by Rockstar North, creators of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The minimal listing says that the Scotland-based shop is "looking to expand their experienced and talented teams" with the addition programmers.

Network programmers specialize in code that allows for multiplayer gaming via a LAN, wireless connection, or online. The ad in question has been up for more than a month, meaning that positions remain open. That's a sign the company is hiring for more than a few slots--which could indicate a potentially large project is in the offing.

Since the network programmer job is at Rockstar's Edinburgh headquarters, not at the handheld-centric Rockstar Leeds, it means that the game in development is almost certainly for a console or PC. However, with Rockstar's history of debuting games on consoles--specifically the PlayStation 2--it is most likely the former.

While speculation is already beginning that that the network programmers will be working on the next-generation console version of Grand Theft Auto, it must be stressed that nothing is official other than the listing. When queried by GameSpot, Rockstar representatives did not return requests for comment.

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