Rockstar hunting down Red Dead Redemption cheaters

Next title update for open-world Western aimed at eradicating "rotten apples" plaguing multiplayer; title update coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next month.


Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption has won both critical success and commercial triumph, but the developer recognizes there are lingering issues with the game. Namely, these concerns are in the game's robust multiplayer component, where Rockstar says a few "rotten apples" are attempting to soil the experience for others.

The noose is falling on cheaters.
The noose is falling on cheaters.

In order to eradicate cheaters from the world of Red Dead Redemption, next month, Rockstar will implement measures to counter hacking and cheating. However, the developer's attempt to rid the world of cheaters started today, with Rockstar promising it won't hesitate to promptly ban offenders for however long the developer deems necessary.

Further, the title update will provide anti-grief measures for the game's Free Roam mode. The developer said those who are being "bullied" will have the option to transport and respawn to any location they wish.

Additionally, those acting as bullies will be branded as such after six consecutive kills, at which point the aggressor will instantly earn Most Wanted status. This mark will alert players that there is a "player-killer" in the region and will also bring the heat from non-player character law enforcement.

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