Rockstar gets L.A. Noire

Team Bondi's hard-boiled detective story gets picked up by a publisher unafraid of getting its hands dirty.


Los Angeles is apparently fertile ground for those paying tribute to film noir. Whether they strike it rich commercially and critically (Chinatown and L.A. Confidential) or not (Mulholland Falls and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang), dark-edged detective yarns of all stripes seem right at home in the City of Angels.

Now the city is going to play host to a different kind of noir tribute--an interactive one--as Rockstar Games has announced that it will be publishing the debut title from Australian studio Team Bondi, L.A. Noire. While the game was originally revealed last year as a PlayStation 3 game to be published by Sony, today's announcement only refers to it as a "next-generation crime thriller," with no platforms specified.

L.A. Noire is set in "a perfectly re-created Los Angeles" of the late 1940s, with players being given an "open-ended challenge" to solve a series of murders. The postwar setting will include the noir necessity of corruption with optional accoutrements drugs and jazz thrown in for good measure.

Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser will serve as executive producer of the game, with Team Bondi founder Brendan McNamara (writer and director of The Getaway on the PlayStation 2) serving as director of development. A teaser trailer has already been released, but Rockstar will release a full trailer of the game on its official Web site October 5.

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