Rockstar Co-Founder Dan Houser Joins Advisory Board Of Blockchain Game Studio

This is at least one of things he has been up to since leaving Rockstar.


Former Rockstar creative lead Dan Houser has joined the advisory board of blockchain games developer Revolving Games.

According to VGC, Houser participated in a $13.2 million fundraising round for the company. Afterwards, he joined Revolving Games' advisory board. The company consists of two studios with around 100 employees in total, which are currently working on two titles. The first is an officially- licensed Battlestar Galactica MMO, while the second is a co-op adventure RPG inspired by Nintendo classics called Skybourne Legacy. The company has raised over $20 million for the development of web3 integrated games.

Dan Houser is best known for his work with Rockstar Games, which he co-founded. During his time at Rockstar, Houser co-wrote and co-led development on multiple titles, including GTAV and Red Dead Redemption 2, until his departure in February 2020. He since founded a company called Absurd Ventures in Games, though what exactly the company will do or what projects it will create is still unknown.

Despite the controversy surrounding blockchain and its environmental effects, Dan Houser is far from the first prominent developer to invest in the tech. Square Enix has continued to push support for the tech, even using money from selling off its western studios to invest in blockchain. Former Nintendo of America president has also expressed interest in blockchain's potential.

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