Rockstar calling up Citizen Skywatch?

2K Games launches ARG-style website, leading some to speculate on new property from GTA maker; XCOM link confirmed.

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Source: An age-gated teaser website operating under the URL, spotted by gaming blog Fusible.

What we heard: Over the weekend, Fusible caught first sight of Citizen Skywatch, a bare-bones teaser site recently launched by Take-Two Interactive. A quick WhoIs search revealed that the site was registered to a physical address shared by Rockstar Games, sparking speculation among gaming blogs such as Joystiq that Citizen Skywatch could be the name of a new property from the Take-Two subsidiary behind Grand Theft Auto and L.A. Noire.

However, as Take-Two has pushed more content onto the Citizen Skywatch teaser site, it has become apparent that the teaser is in fact for 2K Marin's upcoming first-person shooter XCOM. That fact is clearly evident in message forum links that have appeared on the site that take users to 2K Games' XCOM message boards.

Citizen One wants you…to buy XCOM.
Citizen One wants you…to buy XCOM.

As for the teaser campaign itself, it carries a decidedly conspiratorial flare, offering the general impression of a 1984-esque police state with perhaps a hint of The Prisoner thrown in.

"The invasion has begun," reads the first post on the website. "Our skies are filled with the shadows of an unknown enemy: its origin impenetrable, its purpose inscrutable, its methods--incredible. The truth cannot be denied… yet our defenders deny it. The menace is beyond belief… yet we must believe it. Only those bold enough to face the truth possess the courage to to [sic] stand and fight. Register today so that we may remain in contact as new intel develops. You are the first line in the hidden war. Maintain vigilance and stand by for further orders."

The message is signed by "Citizen One," who is presumably the leader of the alternate reality-style game's populist movement.

The official story: Take-Two had not responded to a request for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus? Bogus that Citizen Skywatch has anything to do with Rockstar Games. Not bogus that 2K Games is promoting XCOM with a hype-building ARG.

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