Rockstar Bullies 360, Wii

Scholarship Edition to let next-gen gamers enroll in Bullworth Academy starting this winter.


Last year, Take-Two Interactive went to court to ensure that its boarding school action-adventure game Bully could be sold in US stores. While the game was a PlayStation 2 exclusive at the time, it appears the multiplatform editions of it were merely held back a year.

Take-Two today announced that Bully will be making its way to the Xbox 360 and the Wii, as Bully: Scholarship Edition is set for release this winter. Developed by Rockstar Games, the Scholarship Edition will introduce new content to the original release of Bully, though Take-Two did not say how much new content or what it would consist of.

Earlier this week, Take-Two also confirmed that it would be bringing the formerly exclusive Xbox 360 game Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis to the Wii. Take-Two was similarly tight-lipped about the changes that will be made to that game, mentioning only that it would take advantage of the motion-sensing Wii Remote.

Bully: Scholarship Edition marks the third Rockstar-developed game to be announced for the Wii, with the first--Manhunt 2--currently in limbo after being rated AO for Adults Only.

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