Rockstar Applies For A Rating On 'Bonaire'--Could It Be Red Dead 2 DLC Or A New Game?

It's also the name of a small Caribbean island.


It looks like Rockstar Games has something new in the works, as the name 'Bonaire' has popped up on the Australian Classification website. 'Rockstar Games' is listed as the publisher and production company.

What is 'Bonaire', exactly? It's entirely unclear - all we know so far, as first reported by Kotaku Australia, is that it's been refused classification in Australia. The listing is barebones, not containing any information beyond the fact that it's from Rockstar and that it's a game ('computer game' is the broad term used for all games within this system, so it does not necessarily specify that it's a PC release).

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Kotaku Australia's theory is that Bonaire is likely DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2, as Bonaire is the name of a Caribbean island as well. Considering that a portion of the campaign takes place on the fictional island of Guarma, it's possible that Bonaire could be an additional section added to either the single-player or online part of the game. Why it was refused classification, though, remains a mystery - Red Dead Redemption has an MA15+ rating in Australia, restricting it from being sold to anyone under 15. Many games in the past have been refused classification in Australia at first, but have then eventually found their way onto shelves, though - just today Australia was able to buy Hotline Miami 2 for the first time.

There's no guarantee that Bonaire is connected to Red Dead Redemption in any way, though - it could be something entirely new. An LA Noire spin-off? A Bully sequel? Hopefully we'll find out more soon.

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