Rockstar announces Midnight Club 2

The street racer that launched with the PS2 is getting a sequel.


Rockstar announced this morning that a sequel to its popular street-racing game Midnight Club is in development for the PlayStation 2. Details are scarce at the moment, but, like most sequels, the focus seems to be on doing things bigger and better than in the previous game.

Heading up the list of new features are a few new cities. The game will contain Paris, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Like the original game, these cities will be modeled in a very open-ended fashion, allowing for the freedom to take your own path from one checkpoint to the next. Like the original game, Midnight Club 2 will be a racing game with a plot, putting players at the bottom rung of an illegal street-racing scene. Along the way, they'll run into lots of unsavory characters, race against them, and earn more cars. The game will also have a few new stunts to pull off, such as the ability to drive on two wheels.

No release date for Midnight Club 2 has been announced at this time. We'll have more information on the game next week during E3.

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