Rocksmith delayed to 2012 in Europe

Music licensing and "external factors" lead to delay of Ubisoft's real guitar game across the Atlantic.



Music games have been on the outs in recent years, but Ubisoft's Rocksmith is striving for something unique with a focus on real guitar playing. Unfortunately, European gamers interested in Rocksmith will have to wait until sometime in 2012 before transferring real guitar skills into in-game achievements due to "music licensing and other external factors."

European gamers can now expect Rocksmith sometime next year.
European gamers can now expect Rocksmith sometime next year.

Ubisoft relayed word of this delay via its Facebook page and was quick to point out that importing may be a rough alternative for those unwilling to wait. Regarding the US releases, the Xbox 360 version will be region-locked. And while the PS3 version will be region-free, it will not be PAL compatible, and DLC will not be available outside of its region of release.

Rocksmith is still set for an October 18 release in the US. For more on Rocksmith, check out GameSpot's recent coverage.

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