Rocket League's Super Bowl LV Celebration Will Bring Gridiron Mode And More

Put on your pads and get ready for Rocket League's new American football-inspired mode, Event Challenges, and the return of the NFL Fan Pack.


To get ready for the biggest day in football, the NFL and Rocket League are teaming up to bring the Super Bowl LV Celebration event to Rocket League. The event is running from February 2-8 and will introduce a brand-new game mode, Event Challenges, and the return of the NFL Fan Pack.

Gridiron is the new limited-time game mode that transforms Champions Field into a football field for a four versus four match that mimics American football rules with a Rocket League twist. Instead of the regular Rocket League ball, Gridiron will have a replica of an American football which will stick to the top of your car when you touch it, rather than sticking to wherever you made contact like in Spike Rush mode.

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Also in keeping with football rules, goals will be worth either three or seven points; goals will be worth seven points if the ball is attached to a player's car when entering the opponents goals, and three points if the ball is passed or otherwise loose to score. You'll also be able to jump, though double jumping will cause you to drop the ball; passing by dodging will be enabled as well. Demos will still require Supersonic speed just like in standard modes, and you'll have to stay within the bounds marked around the Arena or you'll fumble the ball.

With those rules in mind, players can participate in Event Challenges which can unlock 20,000 XP, the Gridiron Guru player title, and NFL Wheels. These challenges will run the length of the event, as will the NFL Fan Pack's return to the item shop. The Fan Pack contains Octane decals for all 32 NFL teams and will return to the in-game store's shelves for 800 credits. You'll be able to apply your favorite team's decal to your car and hit the field in style. Rocket League will also count how many players picked the Buccaneers decal versus the Chiefs decal to determine who the community thinks will win the game. It better be the Chiefs.

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