Rocket League's New Limited-Time Mode, Heatseeker, Is Live

The free new mode, where the ball automatically seeks the goal, is only available until Monday, April 20.


Rocket League's brand-new mode is now live on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Titled Heatseeker, the fast-paced 3 vs. 3 game-type has the ball automatically hone towards the opposing goal of the last team to touch the ball, with the speed increasing with every touch, whether that comes from a player or the backboard.

Those who log in to Rocket League during this Heatseeker event will receive a free Hypnoteks player banner. For now, however, that interval is quite short: the mode will only be available until Monday, April 20.

This new mode follows Rocket League's March update, which added in an option to trade in Blueprints to get ones of higher rarity, as well as adjusting some of the default control settings. Rocket League is also 50% off as part of Xbox's "couch co-op" sale, so since you're probably stuck inside, it's one of the best games to play right now, even with non-gamers.

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