Rocket League's Loot Boxes Are Gone, And The Community Is Not Happy

Rocket League ditched the controversial loot boxes, but it seems to have replaced it with a worse system.


Rocket League, the popular car-soccer game, recently pledged to remove loot boxes in favor or a more transparent "Blueprint" system, which lets you see what you're getting and choose whether to spend your credits building it. The Blueprint update has now arrived, and developer Psyonix has published extensive patch notes alongside it. All Keys and Decryptors have been turned into Credits and Bonus Gifts, Crates have been turned into Unrevealed Blueprints, and a new Item Shop offers a rotating selection of goods.

It's a substantial change, and already many players are taking to Reddit to complain about how pricing works in the game, noting that customization upgrades are now prohibitively expensive and much harder to get your hands on. A thread on Reddit is cataloging complaints from players about prices; as of now, it has 1700 replies. Elsewhere, users are noting examples of items, like the Pyrrhos exotic wheels, that have been massively marked up.

As one post sums it up, if you'd bought 23 keys before, you'd get 23 items; now a single item might cost the same in credits as 23 keys would have cost. It remains to be seen whether this system will see changes based on user feedback, or if Blueprint trading will lessen the issue for the community. For now, though, it seems that the change has made cosmetic items in Rocket League more expensive, albeit also more transparent.

Rocket League released in 2015, and is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Psyonix was bought out by Epic back in July 2019.

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