Rocket League's Free Mode That Totally Changes The Game Is Out Now

Rocket League gets an update.


Update: The Dropshot update is out now. You can see the full patch notes here.

Original story: Psyonix's soccer-with-cars game Rocket League grows today with the launch of a new update that adds the cool-looking Dropshot mode that basically reinvents the game. Specifically, the free update lands at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET / 10 PM GMT, Psyonix said on Twitter.

This is Rocket League's latest non-traditional mode, following Hoops (a spin on basketball) and Rumble, which gives you superpowers. There is also a mutator available that lets you play with a hockey puck instead of a ball, with the physics changing accordingly.

Dropshot sounds like craziest of the bunch so far, at least in terms of setup. As we reported when the mode was announced earlier this month, matches take place in a hexagonal arena that's divided down the middle and overlaid with a grid of smaller hexagons. There are no fixed goals or scoring areas; instead, players must break through the floor on their opponents' half of the field by knocking the ball downward.

You can read GameSpot's previous coverage and watch the video above to learn more about how Dropshot works.

Rocket League's new update today also adds Easter-themed items, including an Easter Egg Antenna, Easter Basket Topper, and the Bunny Ears Topper. These items will be distributed randomly as post-game drops for all online playlists, but only until April 17.

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Psyonix also confirmed that the game's third competitive season ends today at 2:30 PM PT / 5:30 PM ET / 9:30 PM GMT, immediately preceding the launch of the update.

In other news, betting site Unikrn announced this week that people in Australia can bet real money on competitive Rocket League matches, though Psyonix later spoke out against any betting on its game.

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I love how RL is always reinventing itself and adding more content at no cost for the consumer. It definitely keeps me coming back for more. For my part, I love playing Rumble, Hoops or just plain 2v2 or 3v3 as I'm constantly trying to better myself and master the game.

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Edited By Hvac0120

For me, Standard 3x3 and Rumble are the modes I enjoy the most. The others can be fun distractions but not something I go back to often.

But I also prefer the standard arenas over the awkward shapes.

Rocket League is high on my list of my favorite new IPs for this generation of consoles. Which is significant to me since I play majority single player experiences and minimal competitive online multiplayer.

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