Rocket League Player Recreates Beat Saber In Steam Workshop

Playing the mode is supposed to help you build car-handling skills.


Rocket League player tjbrother has remade the hit VR game Beat Saber within Steam Workshop. He's one of many players who have tried to create their own way to play Rocket League.

Players have to adjust the position of their car midair as transparent red and blue shapes fly in their direction. The goal is to match the shapes with the ones at the end of the car, as shown in the video below.

It's a little rough around the edges as it currently stands, but it's still a great take on Rocket League's car control mechanics. Tjbrother has also offered to help other players bring various Rocket League songs into the mode.

"When you are done, send the map to me (tjbrother) via discord. I will update the map and give you credit on the song's sign," they wrote on the mod's Steam page. "If you want to make a song that doesn't have a 'Help Wanted' sign, please ask. I will update the map with the requested song."

Rocket League players have been creating all sorts of modes through Steam Workshop. Modes have been created that replicate Breakout, hide-n-seek, and even minigolf. It's not clear what will happen with Rocket League's Steam Workshop integration once it leaves Steam to go to the Epic Games Store exclusively. Players believe that Epic and Psyonix will implement a similar feature in-game now that cars-with-soccer is going free-to-play.

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