Rocket League Passes 5 Million Downloads

Probably only 100 of them actually know how to do aerials.


Rocket League came out a couple weeks ago, and since then it's become very popular. In fact, Rocket League developer Psyonix shared on Twitter today that the game has already reached five million downloads.

The game is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers on PlayStation 4 until the end of this month, which definitely has helped it a lot. It also launched on PC, but stat-tracking website Steamspy shows that only 500,000 people own the game on Steam. The vast majority of Rocket League players have thus acquired it through PlayStation Plus.

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Last week, Psyonix revealed that the game had achieved 183,000 concurrent players, which is a pretty remarkable feat.

To put it simply, Rocket League is soccer with rocket-powered cars. Two teams face off and attempt to score a ball in the other's goal. Cars can jump, flip, and use rockets to fly around the field. It's chaotic and entertaining, and it has caught on.

We've had a lot of fun with Rocket League at GameSpot. You can read our review of the game, which we gave a 9, here. Recently, Psyonix showed off the free map coming to Rocket League soon.

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Avatar image for MTLevan

Really hope they put out an X1 version. I'd throw down $20 in a heartbeat. I'm not sure if my old gaming PC will run it smoothly but I might break it out just to give it a try.

Avatar image for oroelf

Downloads =/= people who have played. I get my free PS Plus games every month. I downloaded this and haven't even touched it yet.

Avatar image for florin

How much it costs on Steam? 20 dollars? Then remmember that more than half of you yearly subscription for Ps Plus was paid.

Avatar image for Intocable

This game is really fun and also proves the value of split-screen games, got friends to come over my house and a do little tournaments, just like the old days....

Avatar image for wkadalie

Sony made people very happy with this one. It's a simple idea and very simple to get started. Proves that you don't always need big triple AAA games. And I'm really liking the look of Rigs. Similar concept.

Avatar image for neowarrior793

it is fun, Sony picked a great game to give out for free. its simple, not hard to understand, generally fun and tbh a game that is very hard to get board with. i played for 3 hours and i want to play more, its super competitive.

Avatar image for normanislost

Free you say? Guess I'll have a look then

Avatar image for Dark_Wr4ith

@normanislost: It's free this month with PS+

It's $20 normally. But there is no micro-transactions or anything in the game.

Avatar image for ben_halpin

@Dark_Wr4ith: Do PS+ users get it free forever? Or will it lock at the end of the month?

Avatar image for Dark_Wr4ith

@ben_halpin: PS+ games are free forever. It's like you bought the game. However, you can only access the game while you have an active PS+ Subscription.

But, if you don't renew your subscription. You don't lose any of the games. You can reaccess them once your subscription is renewed.

Avatar image for justbefahad

It's free and it's real fun, that's one unbeatable combo.

Avatar image for misterrayge

Sleeper hit of the year for me. Highly addicitive!

Avatar image for lrdfancypants

I was surprised how fun it is.

I did not expect to like it.

Avatar image for Stryder_18

The game is fun, no doubt about that. Plus it has split screen and cross platform play between PC and PS4, so what's not to love?

Avatar image for zor3333l

Wow its strange seeing the game get this big since i was one of maybe less than 5000 people who played the prequel on ps3.

Avatar image for f1elds

Nothing beats FREE.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c0b07b32bf03

As it should. The game is an excellent PS4 console exclusive.

Avatar image for MK3424

@reduc_ab_: You know... it's on PC too...

Avatar image for chestrc0pperp0t

@MK3424: lol he said "console exclusive" we all know its on PC as well

Avatar image for deactivated-5c0b07b32bf03


"console exclusive"



Avatar image for ratatack_906

@reduc_ab_: lol

Avatar image for TristanPR77

My friends and I are addicted to this game. So much fun and is free on PSN. Yes, we do not dominate the aerials yet but still the game is so much fun. I hope the new DLC brings new stadiums and cars.

Anyone with a PS4 should download this game. Is pure and simple fun.

Avatar image for Slannmage

I don't get why this one has become so popular, these games have been around for years... I'm guessing it's a console thing since the Steam version isn't all that popular.

Avatar image for prodigy84bg

@Slannmage: Yeah, it's not that popular on Steam... it's just been the top selling game for a couple of weeks now.

Avatar image for chestrc0pperp0t

@Slannmage: maybe because it is fun lol? and why does it matter if games like this have been around for years?

Avatar image for Arkhalipso

@Slannmage: Well, it's free for PS Plus suscribers and it's fun. It's $20 on steam I think, so that's why.

Avatar image for darwin356

@Arkhalipso: Well that just doesn't make sense since you only have to pay once on the PC version and it's yours for life, while on the PS4, you have to be subscribed to PS+ to play it.

Avatar image for Dark_Wr4ith

@darwin356: You have to have PS+ to play online with PS4. So if you stopped paying, you would not really be able to play it whether you owned it or not.

Avatar image for darwin356

@Dark_Wr4ith: Yup, like I said.

Avatar image for Dark_Wr4ith

@darwin356: Well yes, but people with PS+ pay to play online primarily. The games are just a bonus ;)

I am not trying to defend anything, I play primarily on PC. But I own most of the consoles and PS+, it's a pain to have to pay to play with friends. But the games are a nice bonus.

And if you stop paying, then you come back, you still have access to your games.

Avatar image for darwin356

@Dark_Wr4ith: Yeah that's the thing, I want to get back to my game anytime I want, that's the reason I never bought another PS+ subscription after my 3 months expired, but it really just comes down to people who either loves renewing subs or people who really loves online gaming which sadly I'm neither(at least for paying for online to play multi, I'm contented with paying my ISP monthly).

Avatar image for Dark_Wr4ith

@darwin356: I really only have it at the moment for Bloodborne >.< but I have enjoyed playing Rocket League a bit. And am probably going to try Co-op with some friends in Temple of Osiris next month.

But I can understand it being a waste if you don't play online for sure.

Avatar image for chestrc0pperp0t

@darwin356: o man not another one of these fools lol

Avatar image for darwin356

@chestrc0pperp0t: What's so funny? Did I hit a nerve there? :D

Avatar image for Arkhalipso

@darwin356: People don't get PS+ just to play this game, they were already subscribed. It makes a lot of sense.

Avatar image for darwin356

@Arkhalipso: Yeah I get that, but I just thought that since PC has been around too long now, that PC version would be the most popular, but I guess I just don't quite understand PC community.

Avatar image for prodigy84bg

@darwin356: You must be trolling, or you just don't quite understand common sense.

Avatar image for darwin356

@prodigy84bg: Dang, now I'm a troll, please enlighten me with your common sense. Since I'm just here asking for knowledge, unlike people like you who likes to call people names and leaves without a tidbit of information.

Avatar image for prodigy84bg

@darwin356: What's so hard to understand? PC version is 20 bucks, PS+ version is free. That's why PC gets 10% of the downloads. If the PC version was free, the percentage would have been a lot higher. For how long the PC platform has been around is completely irrelevant.

Avatar image for darwin356

@prodigy84bg: Now isn't that a better way of replying to someone, help the guy understand (though it really doesn't matter at this point anymore)? I really don't appreciate people calling me something that I'm not, in anyways, it's still better for me to pay for the game once than recurring payments. Good day to you.

Avatar image for prodigy84bg

@darwin356: Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, but I honestly thought you might be joking, because I consider the stuff that I explained in my previous comment to be pretty obvious.

Avatar image for adamus

i stopped playing because my wins with cars and goals scored was not being updated on my profile. have they patched this yet or are stats still not being tracked???

Avatar image for lnception

@adamus: They are working on a fix for this, the patch should be out very soon. My guess, in a week or 2 along with the new cars and map.