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Rocket League Passes 5 Million Downloads

Probably only 100 of them actually know how to do aerials.


Rocket League came out a couple weeks ago, and since then it's become very popular. In fact, Rocket League developer Psyonix shared on Twitter today that the game has already reached five million downloads.

The game is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers on PlayStation 4 until the end of this month, which definitely has helped it a lot. It also launched on PC, but stat-tracking website Steamspy shows that only 500,000 people own the game on Steam. The vast majority of Rocket League players have thus acquired it through PlayStation Plus.

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Last week, Psyonix revealed that the game had achieved 183,000 concurrent players, which is a pretty remarkable feat.

To put it simply, Rocket League is soccer with rocket-powered cars. Two teams face off and attempt to score a ball in the other's goal. Cars can jump, flip, and use rockets to fly around the field. It's chaotic and entertaining, and it has caught on.

We've had a lot of fun with Rocket League at GameSpot. You can read our review of the game, which we gave a 9, here. Recently, Psyonix showed off the free map coming to Rocket League soon.

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