Rocket League Nearing 9 Million Players, "Aggressive" DLC Plans Teased for 2016

One of 2015's gaming success stories will continue to grow next year.


Rocket League has been one of the biggest success stories in gaming this year. And today, developer Psyonix announced the game has reached nearly 9 million players (up from 8 million in less than a month), also teasing that it has "even bigger things" in store for the title in 2016. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, the developer said it already has "a number of exciting announcements" queued up for the next several months.

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"As always, we will continue to support the game as aggressively as we can, with new content, new modes, new DLC, new Arenas, and plenty of other cool things to keep you coming back and happy in 2016," marketing director Jeremy Dunham said.

"Of course, nothing we accomplished this year (or plan to do for the next) would have been possible without you, our dedicated community," it added. "You helped us reach our dreams with Rocket League, and now we hope to inspire yours for many years to come."

Rocket League was released in July for PS4 and PC. Developed on a budget of around $2 million, the game has now generated some $50 million, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report.

Psyonix has continually supported Rocket League with free and paid updates since launch. In addition, the game expands to a new platform, Xbox One, next year.

GameSpot named Rocket League the No. 2 overall game in our 2015 Game of the Year poll.

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Nice headline Eddie. You tosser.

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Aggressive DLC = Destiny

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"Aggressive dlc"? I hear words like that and worry they are going to split/alienate the user base.

Strike the iron while it's hot but don't throw up on it

[Edit] n/m "'aggressive' dlc plans" is something the devs never say, just a bullshit heasdline

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Rocket League probably isn't my GOTY, but it is certainly the game I have spent most time with.

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deceptively simple in nature but deep underneath it and a lot of of fun with friends, RL deserves the love.

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Best multiplayer sports game ever made! Great devs too! Other sports devs should take some notes from these guys and their attitude towards their customers.

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@Sadek: Driving car

Sitting on chair

Pressing pedal with foot

Steering wheel with hands


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First sentence calls racing a sport. If "driving car / sitting on chair / pressing pedal with foot / steering wheel with hands" can be a sport when the objective is to cross the finish line first, I don't see why it can't be a sport when you're combining it with soccer/football.

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That's a nice profit there

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You go devs! Milk the game and your fans dry! Aggressive is the best way forward and all other games should follow!

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@huyi12: read the article, the developer never said that. It is a sensationalised headline taken out of context. The dlc will likely remain cosmetic and new modes and arenas will be free so it doesn't segregate the community.

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@huyi12: It's all a part of a well detailed scheme plan, release the game for free on PS4 during Game of the month, people download it and play, get hooked, amazed how good it is, until the DLCs starts coming. That's a plan that more companies will follow, to earn more money.

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@BlueCryztal: All DLC is cosmetic, there is no "scheme"

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@huyi12: I thought we all agreed that cosmetic DLC was okay

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@muzza93: It's not ok if it's Destiny. Got to have some double standards somewhere around here.

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@huyi12: lol

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I admit I don't understand the lure of this game. I tried so hard to like it, but I guess it just isn't for me.

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@mgools: My experience with this game has been surprising, to say the least. I was seeing all this hype on the internet and I didn't really get it, I thought the gameplay looked boring and repetitive, and I thought you had no control of the ball whatsoever and it was mostly down to luck. However, a friend recommended it to me, and I wasn't sure at first, but since it was on sale last month, I decided to cave in.

During my first few hours of gameplay, I kinda felt like I was missing something. I had fun because I was playing with a friend, but it hadn't fully captured me yet. Anyway, after some time, I realized that the more you play it, the more it grows on you and the more you'll enjoy it.

This is because you really have to get a complete grasp of the controls to really appreciate this game. It took me at least 20 hours. I know the controls seem relatively simple, but what you do with them is a whole other thing. After you get the hang of it all, you'll be doing aerial hits, epic saves, great passes and nice shots all over the place. Well, depends who you're playing with, I guess, but that's part of the fun.

I don't really take the game too seriously though, which is why I haven't played Ranked much. Also part of the enjoyment is spamming those quick chat commands when something cool or funny happens. "Wow! What a save! Nooo! Close one!"

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@Tiwill44: Honestly, while I was originally in the same boat as you, I now prefer ranked over unranked. I play a lot of private matches with friends, so my XP rank is higher than my overall quality. So when I play unranked, I often get matched with the pros, which sucks. Ranked offers a way to consistently get matched with similarly skillled players, which is fantastic.

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@mgools: love rocket league. One of the best games I've played period, and it's not normally the type of game I play. I play the majority of the time with my friends which makes the collective experience exponentially better. Team play is paramount specially if your opponents are way half good. I compare the game to super smash bros. Simple on the surface but has tons of depth once you get to that next "level". Super competitive and one of the few games that heavily replies off good team play. I respect if this game isn't for you but I'll openly say I love the game. Too each their own.

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@mgools: I enjoyed it for a while, but the lack of depth beyond global seasonal leaderboards and random online matches lost me. I haven't found the DLC to be much more than window-dressing. I might have even been happy with something as simple as the co-op seasons in FIFA.

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The title is misleading, they'll aggressively support the game AND it will also include DLC, the title seems to focus a bit too much on that.

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@RogerioFM: I know right, I was like "aggressive DLC? that can't be good" but turns out that's not what they meant at all.

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@Tiwill44: Besides, I think they wish to turn the game in some sort of e-sport, which wouldn't make sense to have dlc items other than cosmetics.

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I want a true single player mode.

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Hopefully this includes Hockey being included in the mutators settings. I'd love to do private matches with it!

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@unfreak-believ: Same thoughts exactly, It would be really nice to just have a match amongst friends. Tweaking the weight of the puck would be fun too