Rocket League Nearing 9 Million Players, "Aggressive" DLC Plans Teased for 2016

One of 2015's gaming success stories will continue to grow next year.


Rocket League has been one of the biggest success stories in gaming this year. And today, developer Psyonix announced the game has reached nearly 9 million players (up from 8 million in less than a month), also teasing that it has "even bigger things" in store for the title in 2016. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, the developer said it already has "a number of exciting announcements" queued up for the next several months.

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"As always, we will continue to support the game as aggressively as we can, with new content, new modes, new DLC, new Arenas, and plenty of other cool things to keep you coming back and happy in 2016," marketing director Jeremy Dunham said.

"Of course, nothing we accomplished this year (or plan to do for the next) would have been possible without you, our dedicated community," it added. "You helped us reach our dreams with Rocket League, and now we hope to inspire yours for many years to come."

Rocket League was released in July for PS4 and PC. Developed on a budget of around $2 million, the game has now generated some $50 million, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report.

Psyonix has continually supported Rocket League with free and paid updates since launch. In addition, the game expands to a new platform, Xbox One, next year.

GameSpot named Rocket League the No. 2 overall game in our 2015 Game of the Year poll.

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