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Rocket League Introduces New Maps Through Rocket Labs

A map inspired by the original game will be among the first to be included.

Rocket League is getting a new playlist called Rocket Labs that lets players try out new maps. The first three maps available in the playlist will feature wildly different layouts from what has been seen in the past.

We visited Psyonix's studio last week to check out Rocket Labs. It'll be included in the upcoming February update and will let players try out prototype arena layouts which, according to the developer, will sport a virtual reality-inspired aesthetic--you can check them out in the video above. Player feedback will help decide which work-in-progress maps get final artwork assets applied to them.

The first levels you'll be able to try include Utopia Retro, which calls back to a circular map from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars; Underpass, which features varied elevations for more aerial action; and Double Goal, which features two separate openings for each team's goals. Psyonix plans to release maps as they're created, but there's no set schedule for when new ones will be made available.

Just like the Wasteland and Snow Day maps, the Rocket Lab levels won't be immediately available in competitive playlists.

However, the February update brings Wasteland over to competitive playlists and adds the Snow Day mutator preset, the Puck ball type, and the Winter Stadium map as permanent additions to exhibition and private matches. If you're a fan of EDM, you can expect to see Deadmau5-themed items come to the game. And you'll finally be able to report players who are acting offensively, thanks to a new report function that will be accessible through the mid-game menu--this will send the full chat log to Psyonix for review.

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Rocket League is also adding a GameSpot community flag (pictured above) that you'll be able to fly on your own soccer car when it releases.

Rocket League is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC. It's coming to Xbox One sometime this month.

Rocket League has reportedly generated $50 million on a budget of just $2 million. It landed at the number five spot of Steam's best-selling games of 2015, beating out The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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Avatar image for razor082

Reporting players is a good idea. I cannot stand some of the trash talk. I gets pretty bad for the littlest things sometime.

Avatar image for chronogos

First time I played Rocket League, I was disappointed because it's like a very watered-down version of the original game. Why is this one so much more popular? All I want is a remake of the original game for the PS4.

Avatar image for mark95885456

The girl talking kinda sucks. Get someone who actually likes the game.

Avatar image for djwood84

Top 5 game from this console generation, as far as I'm concerned. I realize many of you can find 5+ AAA games you liked more, but I sure can't.

Avatar image for yonyz

They should add a "laugh" or "haha" chat option.

Avatar image for myhomieyoda

@yonyz: you can just type it in if you are on console

Avatar image for djwood84
Avatar image for delacruzalex

Anyone know the song used in this video?

Avatar image for xyzdimensions

Can't wait!
especially that flag.

Avatar image for migelpsp

what are the name of the new map that will be release after !
what about the public, when you score that people scream loud !
we can play at the dirt!

Avatar image for livedreamplay

This game keeps getting better and better.

Avatar image for Kain0067

Please give PC players free mouselook! It's the one thing ruining the game for me. The view always snaps back forwards as soon as you stop moving the mouse, so you're pretty much forced to use a gamepad.

Avatar image for garisma77

They should add a night mode where everything will be dark, only the ball, turbos, and goals will be lit.

Avatar image for timmzy27

Finally!!!! New maps that aren't just different cosmetics, change of time of day or size being slightly bigger or smaller. That is what I found boring about the game but now with these maps that aren't just a rectangle I may actually be interested in playing for fun rather than just to maintain 100% completion on my profile.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a05e57a76cc0

To the narrator of the video: I found it really off-putting to hear you repeatedly call certain features your "least-favorite". It really makes it sound like you don't care about the game as a whole, so it's impossible for me to get behind what you're trying to say. Try being more positive?

Avatar image for hotkoolaid

@AbyssKnight: Thanks for the input, I think it's really important for me to talk about what I like and what I don't like. I LOVE Rocket League, it was my favorite game of 2015, but I can not like Wasteland and I can not like the double goal map, it was my least favorite and I stand by it, even if I like Rocket Labs as a whole.

Avatar image for jujuju

@hotkoolaid: I mean, yeah you're free to express yourself in any and every way, but it's just a little off-putting, I guess? Or maybe I'm just not familiar enough with how video + articles are done on Gamespot (which I'm not). I'd probably be interested in reading what the author thinks of whatever the subject is, but in the video it felt more like a personal vlog. (?) Even if it was reversed, i.e. "I personally think this looks amazing and love the whateverwhatever.", I would still feel the same about it all. Just my opinion anyway

Avatar image for hotkoolaid

@jujuju: Fair enough, I struggled with the direction of this. I mean, I could have just broke a news story, but I have an interview and enough info to really talk about the motivations behind the game. If I do that, I want to add in how the maps felt to me, and if I'm interested in playing. I believe most people just want to see the new maps tho :)

Avatar image for nasisliike

@hotkoolaid: I've been waiting for some new maps for sooo long and you guys have pretty much the first news on it and it's in depth too! :D

I have to admit, it was unexpected to hear opinions, but I actually like it! First off, completely objective and "professional" videos are lame and that's exactly why I'm a Gamespotter now, because you guys don't do that! :)

Obviously you love the game, and you pretty much have the skoop (at least for me) on the game, so being all professional and objective about it is not the way to go. Throw out some opinions and excitement instead of the usual. Good job on your part! Also, the the segway into how they keep the game focused while adding many different modes was top notch! :)

Avatar image for suppaphly42

@hotkoolaid: i love rocket league too we should play some time i'm on PC XD

Avatar image for suppaphly42

i love rocket league, over 700 hours and i show no signs of stopping anytime soon. i have met about 17 steam friends because this game. XD

i am so stoked for these new maps. :P

i'm going to play it right now bye :)

Avatar image for Chris_Watters

Gimme that donuuuuuuut!

Avatar image for timepasser

@Chris_Watters: Chris Watters sighting!

Avatar image for BeefoTheBold

I find myself personally disagreeing with most of the taste preferences of the narrator of the video.

Double goal sounds like a lot of fun. Wasteland is one of my favorite maps. etc.

Different tastes I guess.

Avatar image for moonhanif4477

its really good games .i know it will excite everyone like as thanks author for this games.

Avatar image for HapiJoel

Where is the fuzzy carpet arena?!

Avatar image for nervedamaged

These are gonna be free, right?

Avatar image for Spartan-1657

@nervedamaged: Yes, they are.

Avatar image for MrFreehuggs

This is what Rocket League needs. My biggest complaint for the game is the lack of variety for arenas. They all have an identical layout with the only variations being in the background. It can get boring after awhile.

Avatar image for Kezzy123

@MrFreehuggs: If you get bored with the current map, you have a bit of ADD and I can promise you will get bored with the new maps quickly. This may renew your interest for 2 weeks before you go back to finding the game boring.

The game is amazing with its current map and far from ever repetitive or boring. The new maps are still welcomed but its more like a touch of pepper on a nice steak with gravy. You can totally do without.

Avatar image for MrFreehuggs

@Kezzy123: I meant the arenas can get boring, not the game. I love the game and play it damn near daily.

And you're right that the game can do without adding more variety, but I would still like some variety. I just really like the idea of having to change strategy from game to game based on what arena I'm playing in.