Rocket League Hits 33 Million Players, 1.6 Million Play Every Day

Huge numbers.


The soccer-with-cars game Rocket League came out two years ago this month. Psyonix is celebrating the anniversary with a big new update, and now the developer has announced more player statistics and launched the game's first-ever double drop-rate weekend. Beginning today, July 6, all uncommon or greater customisation items and Creates will drop with greater frequency. Additionally, the chance of getting a painted version of an item is doubled now until when the promo period ends on July 10.

As for the new player numbers, Psyonix announced that Rocket League has now seen 33 million players, though the game has not necessarily sold that many copies. Over the past 12 months, the game is averaging 1.6 million players every day, 3.3 million per week, and 6.1 million every month. In all, 1.5 billion matches have been played in Rocket League's lifetime, with players collectively scoring 6.9 billion goals.

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In terms of popularity, over the past 12 months, PS4 had the most active players (41 percent), with Xbox One (32 percent) and PC (27 percent) following. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year with cross-play support with Xbox One.

The Octane car was the most popular one over the past year, while the most popular topper was the Halo. Check out the infographic here on Psyonix's website to see even more awesome stats.

As for Rocket League's 2nd Anniversary Update, it adds a free new map called Champions Field. The update also introduces free Rick and Morty-themed customisation options. Additionally, you can now have different engine sound effects and goal explosions. Some customisation options for these will be available for free, while others are locked as Crate drops. You can get a full rundown of the update here.

Rocket League is a huge hit, but don't expect Rocket League 2 anytime soon. "Our goal was to keep making Rocket League better and better so that we don't lose any of the people that want to play," Psyonix's Jeremy Dunham said. "If they're playing our game, we're not going to penalise them and make them buy our game again just because we want to add a couple new features. We want to let them know we're in it for the long haul, if they're in it for the long haul."

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