Rocket League Hits 220,000 Concurrent Players a Year After Its First Release

It's a new record for the soccar game.


Rocket League originally launched on PS4 last summer, and since then it has been released on both PC and Xbox One. Although it's been out for some time, the player base shows no signs of faltering: developer Psyonix announced today on Twitter that the game reached its highest number of concurrent players ever today at 220,000 across the systems.

This is a pretty significant achievement for the game. It was the tenth most-played game on Steam today, with a high of 37,000 players on PC, but adding in the numbers on Xbox One and PS4 brings it more in line with some of the juggernauts of online multiplayer. Team Fortress 2, for example, which is currently at number three on the Steam charts, only averaged 50,000 players over the past month.

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Rocket League has, by all measures, been a huge success for Psyonix. Originally released on PS4 as a free game with PS Plus, it has gone on to make $110 million for the studio. In addition, it amassed 14 million total players by April 2016.

The continuing growth of concurrent users is surely due partly to Psyonix's consistent support of the game with free and paid DLC drops. This month, for instance, Psyonix is releasing its largest update yet. It features a multi-tiered, cyberpunk Tokyo-themed map, a new trading system, and a bunch of additional cosmetic items. Psyonix will also put several new cars on sale as premium DLC. That update launches on June 20.

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