Rocket League Dev Banned More Accounts Using Bots, Adding More Anti-Cheat Features

Psyonix has taken action against accounts using bots.


Psyonix has announced that it will add more anti-cheat functionality to Rocket League in response to a growing wave of concern about bots infiltrating online matches.

Writing on Reddit, Psyonix it has already taken action--i.e. bans--against "a number of accounts" using bots in Rocket League online matches. These bans should apply to the "vast majority of accounts" that were found to have used bots since the end of 2022.

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Psyonix said it will continue to monitor online matches for bots and take action where necessary. Additionally, Rocket League now lets players report "cheating" through the Report/Block menu.

"Finally, we are taking steps to introduce additional anti-cheat functionality into Rocket League. This is in progress with the engineering teams, and we'll share more on this once we're closer to implementation," the studio said.

Psyonix went on to explain that it did not publicly address the bot issue until now because it wanted to wait until it was "ready to take action." Fans can be assured, however, that Psyonix was "actively investigating" the bots since late 2022.

"We strive to be active participants when it comes to community conversations about our game, but we are always going to be more deliberate on issues related to game security and competitive integrity, withholding comments until we are ready to take action," the studio said.

Using bots in online play represents a form of cheating and it violates Rocket League's terms of use and its code of conduct. Psyonix said it has a "zero tolerance" policy about using bots.

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