Rocket League Could Be Coming To Mobile In Addition To Spin-Off Game, Leaked Epic Games Doc Shows

The main Rocket League could be getting a mobile release that works with console and PC.


Rocket League--the original game--could be coming to mobile devices. The Epic Games-owned studio Psyonix announced Rocket League Sideswipe as an iOS and Android exclusive spin-off game back in March, but it appears that separately from this, the main game could be coming to mobile, too.

A presentation obtained by The Verge (via 9to5Google) shows the apparent plans for Epic Games' studios in 2021. It looks to be a little outdated, as it still refers to Rocket League Sideswipe with a temporary name, but the presentation also makes mention of something called Rocket League "Next." This will be the next-generation client for the game, and according to the presentation, will feature cross-play and cross-progression for PC, console, and mobile. A mobile beta is listed for Q2 2021, though that could have changed since the presentation was made.

The game will be completely separate from Rocket League Sideswipe, though that game will feature friends list integration and some sort of cross-game incentive. Sideswipe's tentative iOS Testflight release window is Summer 2021.

This information came to light as part of the ongoing trial between Epic Games and Apple. As the trial began, a public phone line had to be muted because participants kept screaming for Fortnite to be "free" and others plugged their social media.

Rocket League went free-to-play last summer, making a mobile version of the main game a bit more realistic. Because Sideswipe has controller support listed on its slide in the presentation, it's fairly likely that the main game will, as well. Its gameplay requires carefully-placed shots, which will be pretty difficult using touch controls.

Rocket League gets NASCAR DLC in the game today. The Nascar Fan Pack includes multiple new vehicles, including a Ford Mustang, Toyota Camry, and Chevrolet Camaro designed to look like stock cars you'd race and turn to the left.

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