Rocket League Brings Trade-In System in Next Update, Player Trading Coming Later

New Rare and Very Rare items are also planned.


The next Rocket League update will introduce a Trade-in System as well as new Rare and Very Rare items. Psyonix announced the two new features in a blog post, in which it also revealed that it has a player-to-player trading feature coming at a later date.

Some players may have noticed they're acquiring duplicates of certain items. It was unclear why this occurred, but soon players will be able to trade them in for items with a higher rarity. For example, when the June update hits, you can trade in five Uncommon items to receive one Rare--see the picture below for an example. You'll be able to do this right from the "Manage Inventory" screen.

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Painted and Certified items could become more valuable when player trading is implemented in the soccer-with-cars game. Developer Psyonix says that the Trade-In System is designed to let players get rid of items they don't want, but some of these might be worth keeping for when you can trade with other players.

The June update also introduces new Rare and Very Rare items. Some of them are inspired by Psyonix's "meta" theme, which will be announced later this week, while others will include rare decals and Boost trails.

Psyonix added that it has another big reveal about its June update later this week. It's not clear if there will be more information than just the "'meta' theme," so we've contacted Psyonix for comment. We will update this article if we hear back.

The June update also has Painted items, which are special versions of items that get assigned a specific color when you unlock them. Additionally, the update adds Certified items, which track specific stats like long goals and upgrade as you hit milestones.

In related news, Rocket League has now made more than $110 million, passing 5 million units sold on all platforms--these numbers don't include copies downloaded from when the game was free on PS4 for PlayStation Plus subscribers in July 2015.

On top of that, Rocket League passed the 16 million player mark this past weekend, the developer announced on Twitter.

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I traded in a few items and got a very rare item, then I won the same very rare item after a match. I can't trade in the extra one any further because very rare items cannot be traded :( hope they fix that because I didn't like to have a million of the same thing, and I know now it's going to be the same way with "very" rare items.

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See people? This is how much developers can make with silly ideas and cute visuals. Now go make some game about Tennis balls trying to hit kangaroos with an evil multi-dimensional overlord trying to destroy a circus as the antagonist! THERE! I have silly ideas too!

It won't even sell 30 copies...

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@kaminobenimizu: Confirmed for "never even played the game he's vacuously commenting on."

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@Raidendude153: I wish I had it though...

Wait a minute. Oh right, it costs $20. I can get it (are the DLCs worth it!?).

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@kaminobenimizu: Only if you like Back to the Future or NBA, I got the DeLorean and it's pretty cool to use sometimes but I haven't bothered for any of the others.

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@Raidendude153: Sweet~ Not sure when I'll get around it (my backlog is not that big for the PS4 but...), but I don't have to hurry since it's always at such a wallet friendly price. Thanks for the answer!

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@kaminobenimizu: No worries, I am glad we got it for PS Plus a few years back, still being one of the best games I even have on my PS4.

It's very fun to play a few rounds here and there once you've played a ton already, and games with friends are always a blast.

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I don't know why you'd bother. You seem to get items based on what you need as opposed to RNG anyway. Which is awesome.

I have pretty much every item in the game just from playing matches.

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Rocket League became TF2

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@gamerx614: If Rocket League's player base is as active for as long as TF2's, I'm A-OK with that.