Rock Band golden

Harmonix finishes up work on the retail disc for its first post-Guitar Hero game, shifts focus to downloadable content.


Before any album can go platinum, it has to first go gold. Harmonix and MTV Games today announced that their maiden collaboration, Rock Band for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, has "gone gold," or entered final production and manufacturing on its way to meeting its scheduled November 20 release date.

Arriving in stores just before Thanksgiving, the instrument-driven rhythm game will be available on its own for $59.99, or as part of a special-edition bundle that includes a guitar, drums, and microphone for $169.99. The Xbox 360 version of the bundle will come with a wired guitar and a USB hub, while the PS3 edition includes a wireless guitar that will also work with the forthcoming PlayStation 2 version of Rock Band (set for release December 18). Individual instruments and a wireless Xbox 360 guitar will be made available sometime after the game's release, though controllers for the rival Guitar Hero franchise will also work with the game.

While going gold is usually the end of the development team's heavy lifting, Harmonix has promised weekly additions to the Rock Band setlist in the form of downloadable content. Among the confirmed offerings are The Who's Who's Next and 18 tracks from The Grateful Dead.

For more on Rock Band, check out GameSpot's latest preview.

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I wonder if this game is gonna be better than GH3. The guitar looks better in this game. I hope is not just a complete rip off of GH3.

Avatar image for GrimBee

TImstuff - I would think that 360 and ps3 owners would miss such games like re umbrella chronicles, metroid prime 3, mario galaxy - and monster hunter 3 (etc). I feel more sorry for a 360 or ps3 owner who want what the 360 or ps3 has - both of those consoles are pretty much the same, but get different exclusives. Besides, you can have a 360 or ps3 and still have money left over to buy the wii because its pretty cheap. :)

Avatar image for BRICKTOWN_BEAST

Dude I cant wait for this downloadable stuff to come out. Once they get the ball rolling bands will join and theres gonna be so much ****

Avatar image for Timstuff

I feel mighty sorry for all those Nintendo fanboys who think they can get by this gen without a PS3 or Xbox 360. They're missing out on like 90% of this gen's hottest games just because they picked such an underpowered system with no multiplatform support.

Avatar image for Chief_Kuuni

well I never got guitar hero but did like it when I tried it, should hopefully be a good game

Avatar image for jcloverboy

this game should be great. One issue I have is the lack of songs it has initially in comparison to Guitar Hero. I hate the idea that I will HAVE to download The Who tracks (tracks that were announced long ago). I'm definitely getting them but we're going to be bled dry once EA is done with us.

Avatar image for thestickman

Can't wait for this game... Just 2 more weeks! :D Already have a bit of money set aside for it and by the time its out I'll have it all taken care of to pick it up on Day 1. I could care less if the guitar is wireless on the 360 version because the main thing I'm getting the game for is the drums anyways, and its not like my room is so big that I have to worry about the cord not reaching far enough anyways. Plus its nice to not have to worry about replacing batteries every week. I do enough of that just for my Wii remote! XD

Avatar image for DanzigThrall

thats some nice DLC to start off what i think will be some good albums i hope that they have the rest of the Number of the beast album for iron maiden and rest of the destroyer album from KISS

Avatar image for Zacek

I played this game two week ago and it's much better than Guitar Hero III. You can see it on my page on gamespot.

Avatar image for 4quarters

Don't complain to Harmonix about cords for 360, complain to Microsoft for expensive wireless technology that adds $10.00 to each peripheral.....that's $30.00 to charge if it's wireless!!! The 360 GH3 was $10.00 more and it sucks!!!! So either go PS3 for $169.99 or IF 360 was wireless it would be $199.99 and everyone would complain!!

Avatar image for playstation_wii

I can't control myself right now.... must have game

Avatar image for Super-Mario-Fan

MTV games is going to regret not releasing this onto the Wii...

Avatar image for jaredcrazy3232

ooooo this is going to be fun... my friends and i are pitching in some money and i call the drums.

Avatar image for 214268613970438989763616971988

thank you star fox

Avatar image for starfoxmcleoud

I don't get what everyone is b1tching about with wireless! Is everyone too lazy to plug in a cord? Most real guitars and mics aren't wireless. Singers hold onto the cord so they don't have it pull the mic out of their mic hand while they sing and walk. Guitarists pull the plug behind the strap before they plug it into the guitar so it doesn't come out as they walk around. Drummers, the only cord they have to worry about is the one that's attatched to the mic pointed at their kick drum. If anything, 360 owners get more of a garage band experience without the amplifiers compared to the sony ones. Is everyone really that dependent on wireless stuff? If you want to be that childish and complain that it's not "next gen" just 'cause there's a wire and a plug attatched to it, go to toys r us and check out the infant section!

Avatar image for 214268613970438989763616971988

yah the thing about not buying the guitar is there is new effects only available on the fender.

Avatar image for GrimGravy

glad i will have wireless on my PS3, and i was gonna buy it on 360... oh well

Avatar image for ramsboy39

damn! for ps3, u have to use some box that need 3 aa batteries to go wireless (must attatch to usb port) harmonix says they havent figured out bluetooth yet. saw this information a couple days ago on ign, they have a picture of it. this sucks!

Avatar image for Username289

I don't see the problem in why they can't just release the wireless 360 on instead of waiting but I will just stick with my wireless GH3 one. I'll get the drums once there sold seperate.

Avatar image for MACMALLEON

I got it pre ordered. No reason to keep GH3 Game. Keep the Guitar if you have it but RB will be a much better product!

Avatar image for connell66

Yesiree, this'll be the best rythm-focused game ever!

Avatar image for Sandro909

I think I'm going to get the standalone game seeing as I already have a GH guitar. I can also just sing with my 360 headset. I'll probably get the drums alone when they come out next year. Anyway, can't wait to play In Bloom and Enter Sandman! :D

Avatar image for ThickFreak

Will it ever come out on Wii?

Avatar image for ChickenHounk911

The track list for this game left me wanting more, especially compared to GHIII's list. I agree with the spelling on posts and other websites. I am not a spelling bee king or anything but I can't tell you guys how many times I have seen the word "to" used instead of the proper "too". If I had a dollar each time, I could reserve 3 box sets of this and still have cash left over for the tequila and the margarita mix. So, I have posted this before, but I feel I must especially now that the holidays are upon us.... This game + ALL the peripherals + 3 friends + tequila = One Heck of a PARTY! I am to excited!!! (sarcasm)

Avatar image for Toastman923

the whole wired 360 guitar deters me from buying this immediately

Avatar image for xcollector

I don't think Rock Band and Guitar Hero are really competing with each other. Its not like PS3 VS 360, though thats what it seems like.Rock Band will be best for people who want to sing/play together and Guitar Hero will be best for solo play. So it comes down to if you want 4 player multi-player all the time or just single player with an occasional 2 player battle.

Avatar image for Jaioxung

There is quite a bit of overlap in the set lists for RB and GH3. I'm going with Rock Band since it offers an expanded experience. I love GH but RB seems like its taking it to the next level. My wife might even want to play now seeing as all she would have to do is sing.

Avatar image for homegrownvandal

A little dissapointed that there are the same songs in this as there were in gh3, still be fun to play them with mic and drums though.

Avatar image for cecx

Going to be a great christmas present for people to buy. :)

Avatar image for lamprey263

The only thing I see hurting the future success of Rockband is that if sequels are made and you have to spend another $170 for peripherals. If those same peripherals can be used when buying the $60 sequel, then I see this game really becoming a big competitor against Guitar Hero III, which would be nice since it'd mean each developer would try to outdue the other by making the games better and better with each sequel.

Avatar image for orionthescorpio

To Zennious, Your welcome. Perhaps you have made a few more people more "informed" about the terminology. To 4esth: Very true about the grammar in most blogs and/or comment areas. It's kind of funny how people complain about others speaking another language in this country, when it's those people who can't even speak or write the English language correctly themselves. PS> Perhaps it does not matter if Guitar Hero is better THAN Rockband, but instead play them both THEN decide.

Avatar image for DarkS2K

360 is wired? Hmm, i may just get the game and drums then. Screw the "pack"

Avatar image for DonutTrooper

I haven't bought GH III or RB, but I'm going to see how the reviews go for both of the games. If one is more widely wanted than the other, I'll get it. This is a lot of money to get both games, and for now, only one will live. If you like it, buy it. If you don't like it, then let me ask: What do you accomplish by speaking negatively against a game?

Avatar image for the_one_finn

seems alot of posters are out of the loop.. "No...I think GH 3 is cooler. Man, respect the classics, Rock Band is an EA games, EA kills everything. Rock Band will proly be rushed and killed by EA, meanwhile, activision's guitar hero 3 was a hit!" - Masterchief725 err. facts are right BUT Rock Band was developed by Harmonix, the same development as GH1 and 2 while Guitar Hero 3 was NOT developed by this group, EA is purely the distributor in this case. also, someone else had the question of 'no bass included'... tryin not to blare out the word 'NOOB', but anyone who's played GH2 and/or 3 knows the guitar also acts as the bass, so to have bass in the (rock) band WITH a guitar, you'll have to have two controllers (which wont be much of a problem cuz i figure most who are getting Rock Band will already extra controllers from the GH series.)

Avatar image for bocephus_01

buddy I tell you what

Avatar image for Zennious

@ Orionthescorpio I love rubbing salt on the wound for someone who doesn't think before they type. Even though this is an online community and I will never meet him/her in real life, I hope they realize the error in their ways and learn something new. Thank you for the compliment. @ Dan77UK Hey man it's called ROCK BAND not Guitar Man. They point of the game is to play the drums and sing and be a rock band. Yea I don't think you should buy this game if all you want to do is play the guitar with it.

Avatar image for Dan777UK

pretty stupid... now I wont buy the game until they sell the guitar by itself... I don't want a frickin microphone and drums!

Avatar image for 4esth

"ocdog45 this is much better then rock band" Ok, I can't take this anymore. I'm tired of reading horrible grammar on here so here is a quick lesson for ocdog45 and others that use THEN instead of THAN and vice versa. It is VERY easy, THEN is used in sentences where there is order i.e. I grabbed a gun, then shot you. Than is comparative i.e. I am smarter than you, obviously. Hope that helps. Now while I can help with that grammar, maybe you can help us understand what the hell your post meant. THIS, meaning the topic of this page IS rock band. So you're saying Rock Band is better than Rock Band?

Avatar image for -SiiLeNCE-

they better keep their promise on those weeky dlc additions. after they lied about the massive dlc for gh2 they better not screw up this one too.

Avatar image for carljohnson3456

Guitar Hero 3 for me please.

Avatar image for Np_Pro

Come on Wii!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for orionthescorpio

To Zennious: Excellent explantion. I too know what "Golden" is. I love how you even worked in a Star Wars reference for Anakin1092, CLASSIC!

Avatar image for thatguy0130

Complain about the 360 being wired but atleast it works with your Guitar Hero games, the freakin' PS3 "Wireless" Guitar Hero guitar isn't backwards compatible, so we still have to break out the old controllers and PS2 if we want to play the old Guitar Hero games. Talk about cheapskates.

Avatar image for okassar

Ya,way to attract 360 owners,make the guitar cheapskate wired!!!!That really sucks,especially after the low number of OK songs,like downloadable content for money will make us any more happy....I'm all for Guitar Hero III.

Avatar image for TeamTrucker

Cool to hear that they seem to be on schedule, hopefully the european release will be earlier than expected. Not that it's likely to happen, I just hope it will. And when it's finally released, I'm rocking out with my friends the entire weekend. Rock n' roll!

Avatar image for ocdog45

this is much better then rock band

Avatar image for budsaq

i play drums in real life and am in a REAL rock band it looks fun... but im happy with Guitar Hero.

Avatar image for Tseng

So excited. I already have my band formed. Totally having a Rock Band party.

Avatar image for smashbro64

LMAO! Anakin!

Avatar image for 4esth

I have the bundle reserved since my Gamestop is doing a midnight launch. I'm also enjoying GH 3 right now. As a huge music fan, both of these games appeal to me.

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