Rock Band 4 Xbox One/PS4 Is 1080p/60fps

Harmonix says it "built a brand new engine for Rock Band 4 to make the most of the new hardware."

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Upcoming music game Rock Band 4 will run at 1080p/60fps when it launches later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That's according to Eric Pope, a product manager at Harmonix, who says in a new interview that the studio has gone to great lengths to make the game shine.

Harmonix "built a brand new engine for Rock Band 4 to make the most of the new hardware. It's going to look 'next-gen' with more realistic lighting, character models, and animation," he said in the latest issue of MCV, as reported by Videogamer.

"It'll be 1080p and will run at 60fps," Pope added. "I know there's a vocal group of players that want to hear that. But what to me is more exciting is the online infrastructure of the consoles. It will open a lot [of] opportunities for us to support the game in more reactive, timely ways."

In addition, though Harmonix has yet to pin down a specific release date for Rock Band 4, the MCV report states that the game will arrive in October. Activision's Guitar Hero franchise, meanwhile, is also rumored to return this fall with a new, "more realistic" game.

In other news about Harmonix, Boston Business Journal reports that the studio is planning to relocate from Cambridge to downtown Boston. The company's 115 employees will make the move this summer.

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Avatar image for gazmacleavy

“It’s pretty clear that people like, if they purchase songs, they want access to the songs they already bought.” Duh.

Avatar image for bibowski

<< LINK REMOVED >> I wouldn't say 'duh.'

It's like saying if people bought DLC for Oblivion, they want to be able to play it in Skyrim. That's not exactly something I would expect. They need to provision for old content to be used in the new game, and that doesn't come cheap.

Avatar image for antpm

I'm waiting for the PC version.

Avatar image for Noved23

Who really cares about graphics for Rock Band. Gaming sites are starting to focus on graphics too much now. What about focusing on gameplay or fun factor. I'd like to read an article about that for a game. That'd be nice.

Avatar image for zyxahn

I don't care about the graphics on this type of game.

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

Every Rockband game was 60fps, it would be quite unplayable at hi difficulties if not, how is this news?
<Reads the writer's name>
Ahá, yes, of course...

Avatar image for PayneKiller

Would be sad if they couldn't make it 60fps

Avatar image for Jasurim


Avatar image for bu3aDeL_Maz

I think 1080p/60fps is essential for GH/RB games, but i really hope they do something about the lag with full HD TVs. I mean, even when i fix the lag on guitar, I still feel there is a slight lag on drums, and the same thing happens the other way around. This is not a huge issue, but it is important to make the game free of lag on full HD TVs and specially the new smart LED big TVs. I still favor my old 32 inch Samsung HD Ready LCD, never had to recalibrate any GH/RB games on both PS2 and PS3.

Avatar image for XBlade1X

<< LINK REMOVED >> It's definitely the TV's fault. If you want a simple way to fix this issue, just plug the console into a HD pc monitor and observe the difference. Also if your TV has a game mode, enabling this can help reduce input lag but comes at a cost of slightly lower visual quality. In games like this, I'd definitely prefer the faster response time.

Avatar image for bobrocks95

<< LINK REMOVED >> Video lag is the TV's fault, Harmonix can't to anything about that. If you're talking about the instruments themselves having lag, know that it's likely very negligible compared to your display's. On the order of a couple milliseconds at most given the likely polling rate of the hardware.

Avatar image for b1ank

<< LINK REMOVED >> I think they'll look into it way more this time round. Rockband/Guitar Hero popped up around when HD tvs did too so it was all new odd tech i guess

Avatar image for Spartan_418

<< LINK REMOVED >> Input lag on a TV is probably the fault of the TV maker and not something a game developer has much influence over

Avatar image for dta7x

60fps is important considering the nature of the game, but none of that will matter if they can't get the hdmi lag issue fixed. Its been plaguing rhythm games for years now. Not everyone has the ability to plug into an optical sound bar or surround sound.

Avatar image for bobrocks95

<< LINK REMOVED >> You talking about audio lag? Is it laggy when you connect through HDMI? I've used analog audio for a long, long time, so I'm out of the loop on that one. Optical moves at near the speed of light so I assume that's why it's fine.

Avatar image for dta7x

Yes specifically with an hdmi connection only. I used to play RB/GH on 360 with a Vizio lcd tv and optical audio to a kenwood surround sound. There was zero lag. If I use hdmi for audio, the lag unbearable.

Avatar image for KahnArtizt

I'd hope so. It's not like its a graphical powerhouse or anything. It looks good, but it doesn't do anything other than animate some backgrounds and run a couple note tracks.

Avatar image for nparks

Oh, good. Because that's what really matters to a Rock Band game.

Avatar image for dominoodle

Framerate is important in rhythm games. You want the game to be as smooth and responsive as possible.

Avatar image for catsimboy

BREAKING NEWS! Colored dots will scroll down your screen at 1080p 60 FPS! Somebody take the temperature in hell because I think it just froze over. Who knows, maybe they'll go crazy and put a handful of backup singers on stage, oh lordy!

Avatar image for sonicblast19

First of all,Eddie bite me.

And second of all Rockband and Guitar Hero ran at 60FPS on fucking PS2.

Avatar image for jack00

Because graphics is what's important in this sort of games.


Avatar image for balrogbane

Now it will get no attention, cuz there's nothing to fight over.

Avatar image for 30somethingamer

This will be the only game I pre-order this generation, I just love this series.

Avatar image for mr_azim

people are still playing make-believe-band?

Avatar image for b1ank

<< LINK REMOVED >> People still playing make believe;

Military man

Fantasy Warrior

Car racer

Sports Player

See how stupid your comment is now?

Avatar image for eelektrik

<< LINK REMOVED >> This just in, some people actually have friends and like playing party games in the same room as them!

Avatar image for Uncle_Rell

Who gives a &@#k

Avatar image for ezioismyname

LOL, the ole' 1080p / 60FPS debate again.

Avatar image for Adam802

This isn't news, stop with these BS articles! Lol

Avatar image for porterhoarder

Ah no way! That'll be unplayable. At least 120fps 4k. Lol

Avatar image for spazicle

Not that Rockband is a graphically intensive game anyways.

Avatar image for falcon11

Bring it! \m/\m/

Avatar image for falcon11

Bring it! \m/\m/

Avatar image for Kinguard73

Honestly three was my favorite by far. That had the most um- freedom? I really enjoyed it. I hope I can take the rights I have with 360 and port it to PS4 however.

Avatar image for HedleyLamarr

C'mon, I'm a console gamer and this shouldn't be praised as some sort of achievement.

Avatar image for Javier

<< LINK REMOVED >> Of course not, but a better framerate will definitely benefit this game given its nature.

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Avatar image for xxstrghtmnyxx

After playing Rocksmith. I just don't think I could go back to Rock Band as much as I loved it back in the day

Avatar image for gamerboy100

<< LINK REMOVED >> Rocksmith and Rock Band aren't even alike. I don't see why people can't enjoy both. One is a game that teaches you an instrument, and the other is a party game that's just supposed to be fun. I like Rock Band more, personally, because I have no interest in learning guitar.

Avatar image for xxstrghtmnyxx

I don't know bro. You learn guitar without actually realizing you're learning guitar. It's a better investment of my time. Once you get the hang of a song on Rocksmith, you really feel like a rockstar. Rock Band is a game best enjoyed with friend..., who are drunk.... IMO lol But you do have a point..

Avatar image for alaskancrab

<< LINK REMOVED >> They even got Fender Squiers for like $99 bux now.

Avatar image for deliciouspoints

Why do they say new hardware and new engine when the graphics look exactly the same from previous rockband series? I don't get it.. =(

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