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Rock Band 4 Will Have A "Top-Tier" Soundtrack -- What Songs Do You Want?

Plus, Harmonix says it will conduct "pricing experiments" for DLC tracks.

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Your existing Rock Band DLC tracks will work with the upcoming Rock Band 4, but if you're looking for new songs, developer Harmonix has now said that the game will feature a "top-tier" soundtrack. Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos made the comment in a new interview with IGN.

"The budget that we've allocated for the title supports a top-tier soundtrack," he said.

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Rigopulos went on to say that, while Harmonix is dropping support for some features with Rock Band 4, the developer's approach to song selection is "one aspect of the experience that we're not aiming to change."

Harmonix hasn't yet revealed any songs that will be featured on Rock Band 4's soundtrack.

The executive also talked about DLC support for Rock Band 4. During the Rock Band heyday years ago, Harmonix released new DLC songs on a weekly basis. While the release interval may change for Rock Band 4, Rigopulos assures that there will be a "steady, ongoing series" of DLC tracks after the core game launches this fall.

"We haven't made a specific plan with respect to release cadence of DLC yet," Rigopulos said. "I think that the weekly model did work very well for us last time around. It's certainly our plan to have a steady, ongoing series of DLC releases indefinitely after the release of the core title. Whether the weekly rhythm is the correct rhythm or not, I don't know that's set yet."

Rigopulos also revealed that DLC pricing may increase with Rock Band 4, though nothing has been decided yet, and in some cases, prices could actually go down.

“In terms of pricing, [raising is] possible," he said. "My guess is that we'll be doing a number of pricing experiments to see what works for the audience, and what's sustainable."

Finally, Rigopulos reiterated that you should not expect to see Rock Band 5 in 2016.

“I think that we wanted to make a clear statement that [Rock Band 4 is] the next evolution of the franchise," he said. "That said, unlike in the past, I think we're clearly moving away from an annual title update strategy for the franchise. It was taxing on us. It was taxing on consumers. It put certain kinds of limits on the types of evolution that we could apply to the franchise when we had those annual cadences to meet."

Rock Band 4 launches this fall for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

What songs would you like to see on Rock Band 4's soundtrack? Let us know in the comments below!

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