Rock Band 4 Update Adds Double Kick Drum Support, Next DLC Teased

Today's update also adds free Battleborn DLC. Really.


A new update for Rock Band 4 has arrived, while Harmonix has also released a list of artists whose music will come to the game later this month. As for the update, it introduces double kick drum pedal support and adds Battleborn characters Thorn and Miko to the in-game Rock Shop as free DLC.

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The update also fixes a number of bugs, including some instances where the game would crash. You can see the full list of bug fixes at the bottom of this post.

Harmonix also announced today that music from the following artists and bands will come to Rock Band 4 as DLC in May:

  • Deep Blue Something
  • Hozier
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  • Twisted Sister
  • Warrant

The developer did not announce specific songs, as those details are being saved for later.

Looking ahead, Harmonix has big plans for Rock Band 4. The game's first paid expansion is coming this fall, while online multiplayer will be unlocked later, during the holiday window.

The Rock Band 4 fall expansion will come with music library improvements including the ability to filter by genre and rate songs, as well as many more features that Harmonix will talk about more during E3. They sound like major, game-changing features.

"Actually huge stuff in store here," community lead Josh Harrison said during a PAX East panel last month, adding that the expansion is inspired by expansion packs for Destiny and World of Warcraft. He went on to describe the features as "really huge and brand new."

Rock Band 4 May Patch Bug Fixes:

As posted on Harmonix's website.

  • Fixed an issue related to Drum Fills and the slop window
  • Fixed an issue where the arm of the bassist goes right through their own body
  • Fixed freezing of a vocalist animation during an instrumental part of a song
  • Fixed a game crash going into the Big Rock Ending on "Warriors of Time" on Expert Guitar
  • Fixed sound FX issues with the Add/Remove sound while in Setlists
  • Fixed issue with the background music slider in the Options Menu
  • Reduced the volume of shouting audio on the “Take Requests” screen
  • Fixed a game crash when loading a saved Setlist
  • Fixed camera issue on vocalist’s face
  • Fixed a game crash before the Big Rock Ending in "Heroes" as made famous by David Bowie
  • Fixed an issue where scores disappear when pausing and resuming quickly in the middle of a drums Big Rock Ending

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