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Rock Band 4's Campaign Lets You Be a Salted Meat Shill

Rock Band 4's campaign mode will let you choose between making a lot of money or retaining your artistic integrity.


Harmonix's earlier Rock Band games had campaign modes, but it appears Rock Band 4 will take things further, and feature an "epic, branching" story that will play out differently based on your actions.

“You go from your hometown to being the biggest band in the world, you choose…what kind of band you are," designer Alli Thresher told IGN.

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Rock Band 4 will require players to make decisions that have significant consequences for the future of their groups, just like it would happen in real life.

"You can take corporate gigs and make a lot of money as a band, you can take a path to pursue your artistic integrity, and along the way, as you make these choices, the game kind of responds to you," Thresher explained.

"So, you might take a gig where you decide you are the spokesperson for off-brand salted meats and start your every gig by warming up the crowd telling them how much you like salted meats," she added. "And the crowd is not into it and booing and stuff, and you have to play really, really well to get them over it."

Players don't have to accept corporate sponsorships, however. There is also the option to "couch surf around the country, use social media to meet people, and sleep on their floors," Thresher said.

Taking this route, however, means you'll have less money to spend on guitars and character customization. But on the flipside, it might result in a better overall reputation for your band.

Rock Band 4 launches later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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